Why are there so many ranked modes now?

there are too many different SRs per mode

3 different SRs for role queue

then a different SR for open queue

it’s really bad and stupid

Open Queue was the original completive mode for Overwatch, it was changed to 2/2/2 Role Queue after a bunch of people were whining about GOATS and the variations of 6DPS games, instead of said players fixing the problem on their own.

That’s why we have so many modes.


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yeah but it’s ridiculous… they need to get rid of the separate SR’s for role queue and combine everything into 1

if I play support, tank, or dps… I have to do 15 different placement matches just to get a rank

what if they add a bunch of other competitive modes? then they get separate SRs too?

as is, you have to play 25 different placement matches to get ranks… and then none of the ranks transfer from one mode to the other…

why not give people SRs per hero too? insane

Why is it bad? Why is it stupid? You want everyone to have horribly inaccurate SRs in everything for the point of…what exactly…if you combined them?

Why is it good? More balanced games. When we had a single SR in comp, someone who was 3000 on healer and 2000 on DPS lost his team every time he chose DPS in comp, because he had a single 2500 SR (or rather a ~0 MMR).


how is it inaccurate combining SRs? having an SR for each role is the same as having an SR for each hero… there are heroes I don’t play at all… if I have 4000 SR in DPS, then I play a DPS I don’t play at all, am I playing them at 4000 SR? nope

these separate SRs are idiotic and a waste of time… 25 placement matches just to get ranked in this game, and ranked where you were before

so dumb

Did you even read my post? Because when someone is more skilled on one role than another, they are then out of place every single game. The win or loss is decided by what role they choose.

And yes, if we ever had “hero queue” instead of role queue, we would want an SR (MMR actually) for every hero. The more exact you can get the MMR for what each player will be playing in the game, the better the matchmaker can create a fair match.

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It is actualy pretty good, it might help with smurfing.


There’s just 2


Too many modes thats hilarious not even close the reason we have so many comp modes is so we can lock the idiots out of them is quickplay and arcade matched with people that really cared then this wouldnt be a problem at all

“more balanced games”

Please, spare me. this has done NOTHING to balance games. its merely there to increase playtime because now instead of getting 1 sr to gm or whatever you goal is, now you have to roll the dice three times to get to xyz rank for no good reason.

Only shows how there is clear problem with Overwatch. If you can reach 3k with support and only 2k with dmg means supports are way too easy to play. In compettive game there shouldnt be such giant skill difference between heroes. Its just stupid. Yeah its great if you want sell casual game and make tons of money but its terrible for long term esport orietend game.

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You guys do realize you are not forced to play all the different modes, right? You don’t have to place in all roles + open queue, you can play tank all season if you want.

And as for difference in rating between roles… There is a huge difference between the different roles, understanding positioning and all the “game sense”-things is different between the roles - and your favourite role will be your most practiced one I am sure.

when you whine just for the sake of whining


Play open queue in the middle of the season for a few hundred games, then come back to me about balanced games. Most open queue games were decided by 1) who chose their strongest roles and 2) which team had more tanks/healers. When that 2500 SR player (2000 SR DPS/3000 SR healer in role queue) picks DPS - you lose in a roflstomp. When he picks healer, you win. Their 2500 SR is inaccurate no matter what they play (unless I guess they play half the match healer half DPS?), so every game they play will be imbalanced, and likely a blowout.

No it doesn’t. The reverse happens too, as I’ve seen many times. Many great DPS players do not have the awareness of 11 other players (enemy PLUS their entire team) to heal well, since they only developed awareness of the other team. Each role requires different skills and individual practice. There is some overlap, but it only gets you so close.

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Ehehe… It wasn’t even remotely close to just a ““bunch”” of people, but anyways…

By using something like the LFG, right??

Imagine still thinking in 2020 that the broken mess that still is the LFG system was ever a valid alternative to 2/2/2 role - lock… :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Most people usually dont mind having more choices as long as they are quality, I assume. Meaning, there is enough players to fill ranks without too far of a SR spread when making up the team averages. Queue times should be more telling in a few weeks when the new season is not as fresh.

the LFG feature came with locked roles, it’s not the fault of the minority that the majority of players didn’t use it, and decided to whine instead of doing so.

Imagine being in 2020 where people still cant use a basic function in a 4 year old game.

The feature is flawed. There’s no distinction between a LFG group and a group that has been playing 2 hours a day for the last 4 years together. Do you want to go against a perfectly coordinated 6 stack with a bunch of randos? You might as well solo queue and go against other solo queuers.