Why are so many stupid people playing PVE

The cosmic crisis event has been here for a few weeks and yet people still don’t know how to play it. No one goes to the objective, literally everybody but me will get the option to betray the team so someone always does when I just want to get the xp for winning, it doesn’t let you choose a difficulty on two of them so healing doesn’t do anything. It’s just stupid and stupid players aren’t helping

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Because they play this game

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I think OW has been less about a team effort since it became F2P

One would think that, hear me out here, not everyone has played it yet.

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I haven’t played any OW2 PVE yet

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I played it, didn’t think much of it in all honesty. Played it once and that was it, but that’s just a personal thing. Just not for me. I know others who enjoyed it.

I was rather annoyed day 1 when I tried it nearly beat it on legendary first try for some one to run out in the middle all the enemies and die so we couldn’t pick them up.

It was honestly the easiest PVE mission I think I ever played on Legendary, but as the OP says people just throw hard on it for what ever reason last minute. To be fair PVE games have gone down hill since LFG was removed. At least with a group you could semi organize things.

As for those who betray, it’s an easy win and a challenge you had to complete as well.

You never played WoW, huh? People even on normal difficulty can’t run out of the red circle, that’s damaging them, months after release. Everyone has addons, which basically plays the game for you, it says when the next boss spell is cast, when to run, when to stand still, it flashes the monitor while writes “RUN”. Oh, and it even has a sound alert. People still die. XD

Thats because a lot of people play with music in the background or watching a second monitor, something that raises the question of why would you play that content if you are not gonna even pay attention since the beginning.

That’s not true. It’s because they have no enviromental awareness. People communicate in game, don’t listen to music (especially in rated pvp and higher difficulty dungeons). WoW is a big team-based game.

Well we are talking about the people who eats red circles, of course those are not paying attention.