Why are peoples excited about Competitive Classic Overwatch?

Nah it wont, after 1 game of 5 or 6 DPS no tanks, no heals, No DPS will want to play this mode again.

Imo Open Que is absolutely more enjoyable than 222, but that’s my preference :woman_shrugging: Also stats arent opinions.
Open Que was shoved into the Arcade which made it have the “Its just Arcade!” mindset.
Now that itll be side by side in the Competitive tab with 222, itll be better.

Its apparently brought down que times since its been in the arcade for how many weeks now?
Also it being along side the offical comp mode will make it “better” as it doesn’t have the arcade stigma.
Long term, yeah it will probably be abandoned though.

I don’t get why you’re complaining, people who don’t like role Q can play open queue and those who do like role Q have shorter queue times

I’ve never understood this idea.

If I want to play DPS, I go DPS on Role Queue.

If I don’t care what I play, I don’t queue for just one specific role, and thus play Classic.

I almost always got the same 2-2-2 matches regardless. I just didn’t know prior to entering the match whether I’d be playing Rein, Zarya, D.Va, Ana, Zen, Lucio, Soldier, Sombra, or McCree. Well, that and there’d be the occasional player without a private profile in Classic as to facilitate those exact hero-select decisions.

I figure out just has to fix queue times for the next 2 months. Get us through the Valorant launch bleeding player count.

Then we can move on to something like this 1-3-2 or 2-2-2 hybrid idea I got going.

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

On the plus side, much easier to a top 500 spray.

Not as much as Lucioball but it’d get up there :joy:

Also the fact it could lead to an unbalanced game mode when the main game is tuned to 222, would put people off. Like some kind of Super Goats if you will :rofl:

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Put it this way… the current problem with the game is the imbalance with Tanks and Support population.

As a Tank I gave up when I got instant melted by Echo to even bother tanking these days.

As a support I gave up because I’m sick of all the drama.

DPS queue is long because the default DPS community refuse to play anything but it.

Difference between me and the DPS players, I would be willing to play Support or Tank whilst they exclusively play DPS, so queue time is near non-existence for me. Now if those DPS lockers would go to open queue, then perhaps they will appreciate the other roles and might even convert and pick up those new roles.

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I played over 250 games of Competitive Open Queue. Games with 5 or more damage heroes were extremely rare, something like 1 in 20 or 30 maybe?

So that wasn’t my experience at all.

But if that did become a common occurrence, players could simply group up if they wished to avoid it.

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I had only one game with 5 dps ever before role lock
It was added to fight off goats, dont think there was any other reason.

They alredy say, they dont going to, they wona balance for 222.

Not only that but you could see a change in the quality of games as well.

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As many people have said, Jeff said Open Queue is good for wait times. Think about it. Many stories about open queue are flooded with DPS players, I definitely don’t see tank players going to that mode and probably only some supports. Since those roles are better when people work together 2-2-2 is a lot better.

However, it can deal with the excess DPS.

I think balancing around 2-2-2 is perfectly fine especially since players have always kind of gravitated towards that, or something like that (goats exception). This mode will be great for characters like Mercy, Ball, Genji, Widow and less static characters since there will be less shields, a need for mobility and more squishy targets.

But Jeff said that the stats showed that it improved Q times

So bye.

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Classic Comp or Valorant Launch ? :thinking:

I mean, I didn’t play much but from what I heard the higher elos were already plagued by GOATS stacks XD

I suppose I might worry there will be people who start demanding Blizzard treat it seriously and balance for it too. But welp, so long as Blizz sticks to their guns then it’s all gucci.

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xD further splitting the limited tanks and healer players between two modes. Not sure how many will actually want to switch over to it regardless, but I’d imagine a lot of ‘player’s choice’ related salt overflowing out of comp-classic. I guess flex players are happy? Maybe?

Mhm… See these threads are, you’ll ask a question regarding my preferences… I’ll answer it… You’ll try and tell me that I’m wrong… I’ll raise an eyebrow… I’ll waste my time trying to explain why there are other people existing within reality who have different opinions and preferences to you… You’ll fail to empathise with that because in your little world only your opinion matters… I’ll get bored and leave the thread…

It’s like if I said I enjoy strawberry icecream (Yes, we’re doing icecream flavours) and you tell me I’m wrong for liking strawberry icecream. Like… what’s the point? Where is this getting us? :sweat_smile:

Playerbase is already divided. That’s why it had to happen.

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I expect it will increase queue times for tank and support in RQ, as some tanks and support will got to OQ. If OQ takes DPS that would otherwise derank and become griefers in bronze competitive, though, I’ll happily suffer longer queue times.

If you have a long dps line and some of them leave for something else you literally remove some of the wait time

Meanwhile for those that do head over to open queue their wait time depends on how many total people are available since there’s less restrictions on who can be in group together…in general they should be shorter than if they went the RQ route (unless there’s just no people)

As for tanks and supports (some of which move over as well…believe it or not some don’t mind playing this way) their times will depend on proportion that go play OQ and it’s popularity…if too many tanks and supports head over than you will increase their times (in RQ) because you have less people to make groups with under a 222 restriction…if not then you wouldn’t expect their times to change at all (which according to most people…”nobody wants to play that way”)

So that’s your “basic” math

Simple…you don’t…and they’ve already said they will balance for 222

What ends up happening is it develops its own way of playing and you “compete“ within that framework…the same way you play competitive capture flag, or death match, or lucioball, or 3v3, etc etc even though the game is not balanced for any of those game
comp game modes