Why are people still complaining about the mass Rez?

Everyone laughs at McCree’s Deadeye for being a bad ult; this is literally the best situation for Deadeye


How can you not see it as the same concept? What would your response be to a Zarya player complaining about D.Va eating Graviton, especially back when there was a 4 second DM?

That’s just unfortunate to the Zarya. Should have demech’d the diva or not shoot near her. It’s not the same as a skill that brings back other heroes with ults.

It only takes one hero to go ham to win a losing battle.

Same with a res’d hero.

So healing shouldn’t be a skill? You have to kill healers to guarantee won team fights. There is a very good reason the enemy healers are priority one in every game containing them.

What a gross exaggeration. Don’t even bait me with that nonsense.
I’ve given my opinion and don’t care to further reply.
The skill will not come back.

What does that have to do with what I said?

It wasted because some thing had to happen to force hiding mercy to appear

False mercy teammate will have full health and probably has more ult than the enemy, AS you can team wipe again with your ult the enemy can Also team wipe but with MORE ults

Yeah, no. I’m not buying that. This just seems like bad gameplay from the Zarya and bad gameplay needs to get punished. I mean, you got forced to use a huge ultimate that can change the course of a fight in a 6v5? Like, seriously?

That list is still correct.

They will get attacked first because said team will be stationary for 2 seconds.

Actually, the opposing team would have more or the same amount of ults since they got a bunch of ultimate charge from the fight where the Mercy was hiding.

It’s actually fairly even but the bullet points I addressed still apply. The team without the hiding Mercy still has the advantage. At this point, hiding was clearly a waste since it didn’t do anything other than prolong a fight where the outcome was already decided long ago; when the Mercy chose to hide.

That’s the point. It is literally the same concept as “just kill the Mercy.” “Just Demech D.Va.” As for potential ults on the enemy team, you shouldn’t have used too many of yours against 5 people without a main healer.

Again, that’s the point. A 5 man rez is Mercy’s chance to go ham. Even if the teamfight is losing, it is never lost until the point is captured or everyone is dead. It doesn’t have to be Mercy, it can be a Junkrat with a lucky tire and a close knit team, or a Reaper who comes off the top and no one notices until it’s too late. I once won a round on Lucio on Lijang because I bounced over the pond and through the window to ult on point, causing the Genji to blow his ult trying to kill me but giving my team enough time to come back and win. 1v4 for 15 seconds until my team respawned. It only takes one hero, and it can be any hero.

You said it, not me. You have to kill the healers.

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So what do you want her to do? watching enemy rushing her teammate while no one her teammate can ult?

They can move for a while with invulnerability if not i would be able to headshot revived enemies as widow

It did because she was able to revive teammate after ult that she will die to if she was near which is supporting my point that hiding give mercy actual VALUE

I expect her to push in with her team and roll the 6v5. Again, it is a 6v5. You do not need to use any ultimates at all unless to counter ult.

You can’t move whilst invulnerable. Only Mercy (disclaimer: i want invulnerability for Mercy removed). Also, the second part, you just gave an advantage for the team without the hiding Mercy?

Value is meaningless if the fight is ultimately lost…


There is small delay that you can move while invulnerability to prevent enemy widow from headshotting revived teammate.

Unless mercy teammate killed an enemy with ult before dying which will be 5vs5 before mercy come and rez dead teammate the fight become 6v5, mass rez encouraged to rush enemy team mindless because killing ANYONE will give them advantage at the end when mercy rez fallen teammate and any mistake that her teammate can do she can undo it. Which is also called suicidal playstyle

Actually, it is still easy to headshot teammates that are practically standing still. Timing the shot is pretty straightfoward.

That’s not “Hide n Res”… That’s tempo ressing. “Hide n Res” is when you intentionally let your entire team die so you can Res. It’s whole goal is to ensure maximum numerical value which is to say, not that valuable.

If the Mercy is hiding and her team tries to rush and get picks, the enemy team will still win because at that point, you already have enough ultimate charge, from the first fight, to use atleast 2 ultimate comboes that will wipe the enemy team again. Even if you lose 2 teammates, the win is still secure. I can tell you didn’t read the quoted thread. :frowning:


The doesn’t happen like this ( throw 2 ult and insta win) mercy team still can counter it

  • Mass rez will not go back as long suicidal playstyle/hide and rez is a vaild strategy where some teammate rush enemy mindless just to kill any of them, then mercy will revive them behind rein shield at full health Without any punishment.

I cannot tell you the amount of times I and many others, mostly before invulnerability, have had rez counterplayed.
Don’t use all your ults for one teamwipe, for starters. If you do that and somehow dont get the Mercy, she deserved that rez.
I wish I could just compile tons of clips showing rez getting counterplayed. If you only use some ults, and Mercy comes and rez, you can use the rest of your ults to counterplay that rez. These kinds of counterplays only disappeared when invulnerability was added.
As for the gamesense part- that’s just completely false. The hide and rez strat was dumb and, I’ll admit, required minimal gamesense. But in higher ranks especially, Mercys have to think about who they’re rezzing, how this rez will impact the game, if its worth it, if they should tempo rez, if they should just risk losing the team fight to save rez, etc. Again- most of this disappeared after invulnerability was added.


assuming that mercy didnt zoom through the map healing and damage boosting while dodging flankers everytime they get her to 1hp and not securing the kill, and she just automatically gets rez in a game? sure buddy

Like I said, the team with the ult advantage + other advantages still has the advantage against the Mercy’s team. The fight is lopsided towards the enemy. Hiding does all this.

It isn’t.

You’re not going to be getting kills anytime soon unless you expend ultimates because it’s a 1v6 at this point. Imaginaing your teammate getting a kill in this scenario is ridiculous by itself.

Let me put it this way:

Even if you get 3 kills as Widow or Doomfist before the enemy even comes to contest or properly defend the objective, you’ll have to do the exact same thing all over again about 30 seconds later after they respawn and regroup anyway.

If an enemy Mercy spends Rez as an ultimate to bring her fallen teammates back, that’s one less support ultimate they have to work with when they do come to challenge the objective.

Whereas if the enemy team ran different support in place of Mercy the team could use the utility they provide like speed boost, a sleep dart, or an additional barrier to help them get to or defend the objective faster, safer, or with more damage.

Also keep in mind that old Rez could only pull a group Rez if her teammates died around the same spot around the same time. The more split apart from each other her teammates are, in both positioning and respawn time, the less value she can get and the more critically Mercy players need to think when going for a Rez.

‘‘Someone needs to protect mercy while she is using Rez’’

Yeah, when they’re dead? lmao

I’d love this actually. Valk to E for like 1-2 seconds duration and then mass revive back… this is all I really wanted before :(!

6 seconds? Are you kidding me? 2 seconds is absolutely bad enough (D’va bomb that is widely considered balanced because it is easily dodged is approx 3 seconds I believe I read?)

6 seconds is a HUGE chunk of time in a FPS style game.

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They will never, ever get over it… the loss of status is too great to bear, Mercy as one of the pack instead of head cheerleader is just damning to some… the fantasy was ruined and the aftertaste is oh so, so bitter…

:::SIGH::: Been drinking too much of the company (streamer) Koolaid? Lets take a look at each of your comments.

No, he isn’t, not always at least. Especially if he is HIDING around a corner and double taps you as you run by. OR he is HIDING above you and drops down. OR is Ghosting. OR Teleports right behind you.

Or he just drops one on a Frozen Healing Mei. Or he positions a mine, either in advanced or thrown, and BOOPS an entire team off a ledge (one of my personal favorite moves to pull by the way). The Trap AND Mine can be hidden by a Health Pack. SERIOUSLY it is almost impossible to see them when they are under a large Health Pack. But yeah, he HAS to be semi-competent in Trap placements or they don’t work, that is why they are traps…

Yeah, but Lucio is a slippery lil guy an you don’t have to be really close to a ledge for Lucio to pull that one. You can be on the stairs on Ilios and he wall rides behind and BOOPS half to the entire the team into the center hole.
An not just Lucio, a Reinhardt can take out an entire enemy team by one Charge, an if he is good not go off the map himself. Done it many times on Ilios.

Like the SKILL of Hanzo pressing “Q” from his spawn and taking out the enemy team?
Like the SKILL of Junkrat pulling the same ploy on Anubis?
Like the Reaper TP above the enemy team and pressing “Q” and taking out an enemy team? He’s totally silent when he does that by the way.

I hate to tell you this, but REZ was never just pressing “Q” and reviving teammates. One had to make sure that enemy Ults were exhausted or a Tracer would Pulse Bomb the team you just brought back into oblivion (actually had that happen once). An NOT every Rez was a 4 to 5 man “Huge Rez” like certain streamers spouted all the time that “All Mercy does is play ‘Hide and Rez’.” I watched one by Seagull. This one to be precise.

He and his teammates feeding Mercy Ult charge. Seriously, how often does a Mercy get off 3 Rez Ults (not a one of which was a 4 or 5 man one) during a single match? Plus, he KNEW where the Enemy Mercy was most of the time, but never went after Mercy himself but relied on his teammates to take out Mercy. I have a FULL write-up in the comments section of that YouTube Video about each of the 3 matches. Not to mention I was not the only one Roasting Seagull for how he played, and what he said, about this game.
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