Why are people still complaining about the mass Rez?

Devs said they reworked her to eliminate hide and rez behavior, mercy will not participate in the fight most of the time to avoid any ult because she will be the first that she will be targeted.

If nanoblade genji saw mercy he will kill her first before killing anyone which resulting in 0 rez
If genji ult then he didn’t see mercy he will kill 3 of your teammate then end up by getting killed by teammate rein, mercy then come from the corner and revive dead teammate resulting in 3 rez.

I think that was the MAIN problem, mass rez was very REWARDING for mercy that hide and punishing for mercy that keep near her teammate and do her job.

Do you want video footage? Cuz I admit I have none. I’ll look it up on yt if ya want but I admit. I have no evidence therefore your argument is still valid. Also I don’t have trust level 3.

EMP, Trans, Nano, any area denial ultimate.

I can’t take people like you seriously. I see you managed to basically single handedly win that team fight, but hey, because you didn’t kill this one stupid hero with a stupid ability, then you just have to do it again, if you are good.

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Did you actually read the other posts. I already awnsered this.

Hiding behind a 2000HP shield is not “Hide n Res”… Getting bubbled is not “Hide n Res”.

Mercy can either rely on her team, take advantage of her mobility, strategically withdraw from the fight, dodge enemy attacks or simply just take advantage of BHop. Hiding is not neccessary at all.

Hiding counters itself. Also, this is the enemy team’s incompetence. Assuming that the enemy Mercy is hiding, you should not be ulting in a 6v5 unless to counter ult.

It really isn’t rewarding other than the fact that it artificially inflates your SR but that was a different issue, not relating to mass Res design but rather the SR system. If you want a more detailed explanation, I’d recommend reading this thread:

Specifically, the third column.

You don’t need to do that. I was messing with you. I know it is practically impossible to prove your assertion. I was just hoping that you’d agree that it is impossible to prove. Also, you don’t need trust level 3 to post YT links, Blizzard links and Reddit links.


Emp can be countered by seperating trans by anti nade, mass rez has little counter if she is ulting behind her teammate which other ults can be countered if they ult behind

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If that is an issue, wouldn’t LoS fixes fix that? Assuming that you can’t Res behind barriers? Though, I will admit, something like that could likely throw Mercy in an incredibly underpowered state. I just personally think issues like these are not that pressing since Resurrect doesn’t function like other ultimates. Unlike other ultimates, that enhance the fight, all Res does is reset it. It doesn’t give you any real advantages unless you rely on the enemy team’s incompetence and most of the time, the opposing team is the one with the advantages.

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If Widowmaker is tunnel-visioning, Winston or D.Va can pounce her (an easy move) and have her almost dead before she can unscope.

If you don’t watch your six as any squishy hero, Reaper can two-tap you.

If you step in a Junkrat trap on a mine, he can delete you from anywhere on the map with a reactive right click.

If you don’t think about the fact that you’re fighting Lucio with your back to a drop-off, he can casually boop you to your immediate death.

If you’ve wandered into the open, Soldier can literally aimbot you into oblivion.

Low-skill abilities punish people for making pretty dumb mistakes. Failing to account for the hero who can revive her team is a mistake. Just like if Mercy fails to track ults, you can re-wipe all six of them with a single ult of your own as they stand there frozen.

I don’t expect mass rez to come back, because the devs have said that they put that notion to rest. I accept that they evaluated the game and decided that they were unhappy with Mercy’s kit/playstyle, and I don’t expect we’ll ever go back to what was.

But the notion that making impact is always, or should always be mechanically difficult in this game just doesn’t match with how the game has always worked. The mind games of knowing who has what abilities and making it difficult for them to foil you with them is a huge element of playing well. Mercy does not have to become artificially hard to use in order to be allowed to be allowed to do things.

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I’m sorry but this is entirely false. After the Rez your team is at full hp and everybody’s present. While the enemy will defenately have casualties. Or at least their heroes will be damaged.

I am pretty open to Mass Rez coming back with some tweaks. Really, the one change they implemented before the rework that started all the complaints was the invulnerability. That reduced a lot of the “risk” that people say that an ult needs. But at the same time, before they implemented that buff, using Mass Rez was essentially a death sentence because the Mercy would die almost immediately after pulling off the rez and the enemy team would be at an advantage because it’s a 5v6.

The changes I would want for Mass Rez is LoS checks, similar to LoS checks for any other AoE healing (like Lucio’s aura, Brigitte’s Inspire, etc.) and instead of invuln, give her damage resistance so that she has some chance of surviving her own ult. If that isn’t enough counterplay, then we can add a short cast time. I was thinking it could initially be 0.8s, but we can try tweaking it from there.

But as it stands, there is counterplay to a Mass Rez. Hammond and Torb’s ults would both discourage her from rezzing her team. Self Destruct, Barrage, and Rip-Tire would also work since it would just cause another team wipe. You don’t even need your entire team to find the Mercy. Just sending a Genji after her would help rout her out.

I never had an issue with Mass Rez, on either end. I had fun playing as Mercy during those days and I had no problems playing against a 5-man either. With Valk Mercy, I could still play around it on both sides, but this healing nerf was the nail in the coffin. Plus, the rework in itself goes against the core of her kit (consistent, single-target healing and high mobility).


Apologies. Totally forgot about tempo ressing. That being said, my main focus was “Hide n Ressing”.

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If if if if
If reaper gets behind you you deserve to die, he’s noisy as heck
Junk rat needs to position his traps right or else no competent person will step on them
If you tand near the ledge knowing there Is an enemy Lúcio you deserve death.
All these actions take some skill to pull off and it also takes skill to survive them. Rez is just pressing q.

Nothing screams unsurpassable skill like sniping in a game that’s literally all hallways.

Except, you really didn’t. You wanted ultimates that got immediate value with a simple Q press, the same immediate value that Rez got with her Q press.
EMP, Blizzard, Molten Core, Transcendence, Rally, Minefield and a couple others all require a similar thought process; be in or near the middle of the enemy or allied team and press Q for an instant advantage.
EMP: Go in, press Q, instant value
Blizzard: Throw it anywhere and the enemy can no longer have that spot of the map, instant value
Molten Core (new): Throw it into the enemy or onto the point and they can no longer survive on that spot; instant value
Transcendance: Use in the middle of team and now it’s much harder to kill them; instant value
Rally: Use in the middle of the team and now it’s much harder to kill them; instant value
Minefield: Use in the middle of the enemy or on the point and they lose that space: Instant Value
Mass Rez: Press Q in the middle of your dead team and potentially the live enemy team: instant value

All you’ve said is some mumbling about how the team may have to follow up, but once Mercy revives her team they still have to follow up to win.

EMP countered by Seperating doesn’t work if they don’t expect the Sombra to come in. We know by know more or less when Zarya has Graviton, she plays differently. So does Tracer, for that matter. Sombra plays relatively the same.

Trans countered by Anti-nade requires a specific hero out of 28 or 29. What do you do without Anti-Nade? Burst damage, but what if you don’t have a Junkrat or a Hanzo or a Pharah or something? What if you only have Soldier and Genji?

Mass Rez was countered by ult economy; even if she was standing behind her team and reviving two people that died out of position, which is an appropriate use of Rez, High Noon, Death Blossom, Rip-Tire, D.Va Bomb, Tac Visor, Dragonstrike, Graviton, Molten Core, Blizard, Configuration: Tank, Earthshatter, and a few other ults that I forgot the names to right now can all kill those people before they get back to safety. You either use the “skill” that net you the teamwipe to begin with to kill Mercy before she ults, or you use the ultimates left over (since your “skill” killed the enemy, no ults should have been used) to kill the rez’d heroes. It’s not countered like most other ultimates, but it was still countered.

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Hiding was required because some ult can’t be countered if she get in their range so if she got caught by grav she will be dead

So what’s the solution? Keep playing hide and seek with mercy? Someone has to found mercy which will be 5vs5 it also will put enemy in huge disvantage because they will not be able to ult while mercy is around while mercy teammate can waste any ult because other team has no mercy to undo

I wasn’t referring to SR, mercy required to stay alive while teammate are dead which give some mercy players fear to not participate in the battle to not get killed with teammate, hiding behind shield wasn’t effective like hiding behind wall because if anything happened to rein mercy will get killed first.

If you manage to kill 3-4 members of the enemy team without expending an offensive ult then you just caused the enemy team to burn their mercy Rez and your team is now capable of running in with offensive ults without having to worry about have their kills undone.

If you look at it narrowly then ya a Mercy just reversed your killfeed. But if you look at objectively then you just opened the door to victory by having the mercy burn her mass rez.


All these ults require additional actions and have counterplay. Rez does not. Simple as that.

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“Darn, I wish we had killed that Rein before he Shattered and wasted our push.”

“Auuhghhhh we used two ults to get the point but the Reaper just dropped down and killed 4 of us lsdklskfj”

“We would’ve had that point if the D.Va didn’t Self Destruct.”

“slkdjfl;wiejrlkwejrl-ing Junkrat tire! We HAD that point!”

“I can’t believe Zenyatta can just negate my Dragonblade, come the f on”

How are these any different from what would happen if a Mercy managed to get off a large rez?


Because just like card games and other games, casual/oldschool players are so thirsty for old broken mechanics. Doesn’t matter if you “balance” it. The concept of winning teamfights, just to be robbed of it potentially is not immersive. Symmetra’s teleport was vulnerable, mercy is situational/vulnerable, but they’re both horrible skills that should not be in the game. Get over it.
Even if balanced, lets say she pops off 3-4 people who have ults saved and you lose a team fight that you won by out-skilling or playing an opponent to nano-blade or something dumb. No thanks.