Why are devs FORUM profiles HIDDEN ⁉


They are hidden because there are some entitled stalkers hiding in the forums.

If the devs ever say anything the ratio of good-bad is 1:10 thanks to those people.

It’s not worth it for them or for us forum normies. :upside_down_face:


Suggestions that include Mass Rez aren’t automatically nonconstructive, and you don’t get to determine what is/isn’t in the first place.


Well, in the scenario I just posted the devs would have confirmed they don’t want Mass Rez ideas.

So by definition, posting Mass Rez ideas would be non-constructive.


It’s probably because they don’t want us to know just how much they aren’t reading the forums at all.


From my understanding they are living inside of this very large panic room in the basement of Blizzard studios. They are hiding from ALL of the Angry Mercy mains. INfact I dont think they even have a HOME outside of blizzard studios. so My guess is. They wont have their profiles public either . :slight_smile:


I too am not too crazy about this change in the forum system. Thank goodness I completed the Blizz/Dev Post Directory guide before this happened. That project could have been slowed up big time if I had only the Blizz Tracker feeds to sort posts from.


This forum is supposed to be a place where every player can share their opinions, experiences, and questions about the game.

The devs reworked my favorite hero and made her completely trash because “some players were doing hide n rez”. I’ve played her after the rework. And after the I-don’t-know-anymore-how-many nerfs.
They gave me a place to directly share my feedback about this concept to make it easier for them to read it (lol), and I’ve given my feedback which is

  • This rework is trash.

There’s nothing good from this rework, except maybe the new GA tricks (bunnyhop & superjump). Everything else has been nerfed and is no longer enjoyable.

Old Mercy was way more enjoyable, engaging and complex.
Why should I bother trying to fix Blizzard’s mess when we know that there’s a specific option that worked for an entire year ?

I mean if you don’t like Mass Rez and consider any proposition that includes it to be unconstructive, that’s your problem, but please don’t hold Mercy players responsible for the terrible rework they had to endure.

As for the devs profile being hidden, maybe they think hiding will make the problems disapear :man_shrugging:

Guess what ? It doesn’t.
I see you Jeff. I won’t go away until you fix Mercy.


user --> <–blizz
this is exacly how this looks like

we dont know if they are incognito on forums, we dont know if they read as unregistered … we dont know if they are here, because they dont let us know that they stick arround in any way, shape or form other than logging in once in 4=5 days, checking out 2 topic, reading 4 posts - because this is exacly what i saw in statistics

i didnt complain untill now… either twitterfacebooks or forums


As a matter of fact, different teams have different days for when they get time to play -as a work assignment- if I remember correctly.

This was mentioned by one of the WoW Community Managers.
Community Managers get a certain time period during one day, a different team might get one the same day at a different time- or on a different day.

But big projects can push game-time away, so sometimes they only play on Weekends and such.

WoW Devs and such can actually participate in raiding guilds, we know this for a fact. But we don’t know if it’s only Staff members or not.

We also know that some members of the Overwatch team are in various ranks, including Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master. Possibly others but I don’t know.

I wouldn’t expect an art-team person to be GM, but it depends.

So as far as I’m aware, they more than likely do play their own game.
They probably don’t show their profiles just out of the fact that they see no reason to, or prefer to keep it hidden.

We’ve seen Jeff’s top played heroes, he’s linked a screenshot of them directly to the forums- but we didn’t see EVERYTHING.



its not about private profiles in game … but about HIDDEN profiles on forums

if its about play-testing we know that they do playtest it, because we got proof in form of mentioned Jeffs screenshot of his heroes playtime… also there are people who are testers, like in every single IT company

but there is absolutley no proof of them being on forums - to make things worse they decided to HIDE their eventual activity

even yesterday Jeff said in dev update 'we are reading social media" … what social media? where? why social media and not their own platform?

i would like to ask how does ‘getting feedback’ look like?
are there undercover forum users?
why they dont let us know that they hear our problems, ideas and why they dont participate in community?



Besides the devs would just get harassed for a long as time about what they play.

i.e “of course doomfist wont get nerfed look this is a doomfist main”

It would just go on and on.


Because they want people to think they are reading the feedback but this way they can be offline for weeks and no one will find out.

Before this we would realize if devs were not using the forums for a long time.

Devs stopped caring


always been curious too…

riot employee accounts are public in LOL, so if you literally matched up with mar merril (company owner) you’d know it. i’m certain i’ve had a blizz employee in one of my games at some point.


thats very nice on Riot part, its very open approach towards players


Well there was even a point where Jeff screenshot his time played on tanks after people accused him of being clueless about them and I believe a significant amount of his time played on tanks was actually on Reinhardt, like a whole 30% or so.


It’s a recent feature I’ve noticed on the forum. I imagine it’s partly in response to the unresolved complaints such as Mercy, when we could tell from the forum profile stats that they weren’t appearing to actively read the megathread feedback over the course of nearly a year. The good thing however is that members can also hide their forum profile if they wish (such as mine for example).

As far as I’m aware he’s not a member of staff. He’s a popular and well known member on this forum who posts extremely often. On the previous version of the forum he was an MVP I believe?


you know, devs are reading posts that are interesting from their viewpoint … they are specialists, they know what projects are worked on, so its obvious that even a lot of discussion might have no ground and misses the whole point

we cant expect top developers to sit here all day reading mercy threads, or other threads - and that is perfectly understandable

they are active when they have time for that

BUT… the problem is that they (they-i mean blizzard in general, not only devs) are not here - they never let us know that they pay attention
IF there are people responsible for feedback they should let us know from time to time that all of our activity is not ignored
making everyones profiles HIDDEN (HIDDEN) is a kind of step… i am used to say that when somebody does a stupid thing then he: “kicks himself in the face

this saying/sentence i use sometimes is perfect examplification of what is going on
people simply want to be heard, their issues (important or not…interresting or not) sometimes are or could be helpfull… but we dont know it they were noticed
why there is nobody who will say: “hey thats interresting idea” on DAILY baisis,
… … … … … not once in two months when Jeff logs in, sees first post in “new” tab replys with 7 words… and thats it
because devs like Jeff simply are too busy
we need to have easier acess to ANSWERS …
this is very important observation i heard today on our ‘official’ fansite from one person (which i want to say hello! (she will know) :wink:
“our questions have to go through unnecessarily long way” to get to blizzard, and only few people can actually answer them (kind of reveal answers) because of secrets they want to keep, etc. etc.

but sometimes there are questions that have not super hiper secret revealing potential
and those should be answered as much as possible

also why not incentivize people to ask their questions on forums rather than on other 3rd party social media?
why they are forbidding using 3rd party programs in their game, but when talking with-to us they are using 3rd party services?

and on top of that they made their profiles HIDDEN… you know what i do with people that have something to HIDE?
i dont trust them

so how on earth they want to maintain healthy community?


yeah but generally if just one of them happens to play something thats “OP” in the forums eyes at the time they would get slaughtered, jeffs playtime or “main” is really a solid pick nobody can really say anything against. But if he was a DF main right now and screened it…


its about forum profiles, not in game


yup of course, but the forums and whats happening in-game are one in the same. As we come here to discuss it and with so much negativity on the forums many people would happily lynch the devs (verbally) just for playing certain heroes they hate and just call them bias.