Why are devs FORUM profiles HIDDEN ⁉

Your really gonna pin this horrible rework on mercy mains when they wanted nothing to do with 2.0?

Ironically the same thing that mercy mains actually want


To me it’s more like this


I dont remember mass-rez ever getting super heavy nerfs that was valk. Just saying.

Otherwise I dont mind other ideas besides mass-rez. Many people just bring it up again and again because it worked for a good amount of time. It was never OPAF and made Mercy a must-pick only thing that sucked was the SR bug that got fixed way too late. Plus its kinda hard coming up with something entirely new.


Not so much the rework, but the lack of trying to cooperate with the developers after the rework.

I.e. “Okay fine, if this is the direction you want to design Mercy, here are some adjustments to fix it”

As opposed to “Delete this, gimme back the old design, I refuse to help in any way to make the current design good”.

I mean, that’s what the Devs did to Alpha Valkyrie Mercy. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


its hard to cooperate and discuss with them when they never communicate properly.

(and lets not mention the what 13 or whatever megathreads they ignored)

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The post you linked and 99% of the Megathreads can be summarized as “Gimme back something like Mass Rez”.

Barely any of the posts were “Okay you want to do a Valkyrie ultimate, and weaken Rez? Here’s how you can implement this type of design to be more fun and balanced.”
And the very few posts that were that were buried in a sea of “Gimme back something like Mass Rez”.

That’s some really strong bias you got there.

you should really read titaniums op.

despite what you downplay it to be its a lot more indepth then you give it credit for.

also I find it funny when you want people to respect your stance but you cant respect others in the slightest.


I don’t particularly care about the justifications.

As for the design it’s really not that complex.

It’s basically 1) Remove Valk 2) Make a 15m range version of High Noon that does a Rez.

And like said above, the devs really really don’t seem interested in implementing something like Mass Rez.

It would have saved a lot of hassle and development if they would have just outright said they aren’t currently interested in something similar to Mass Rez, but are open to other ideas.

Sigh. Which one of them said that? In which post? And no, linking the ”We have no plans to revert Mercy” doesn’t count. Adding a new version of mass Rez isn’t a revert.

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That’s the problem. They never said it.

But the implication given by 13 megathreads quarantining discussion about it, and never discussing it, is extremely strong.

Or are you trying to act like there’s no meaning behind that?

There’s also been no mention of any Bastion changes. Guess they don’t feel like he needs changes either.

Or, Reaper. Or… I think you get my point.

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Last I checked, I don’t see forum admins mass locking Bastion/Reaper posts and putting them in an unreadable Megathread. Much less 13 of them.

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They aren’t even doing that anymore since the last megathread was being locked continuously by false flags for 2 months straight.

titaniums post is now the new main hub of mercy discussion as the megathread is now a meme fest.

Neither do I but I also don’t see forum admins mass locking mercy posts anymore so what exactly is your point since this is no longer true.

it only strengthens our stance.

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So do you figure Mercy posters would start suggesting constructive ideas if the devs reconfirmed that they aren’t interested in ideas similar to Mass Rez?

But why NOT on Twitter? Twitter is still community engagement. Twitter still lets people @ them and give feedback. Why get angry about where a dev is engaging with the community, when they are there actively engaging with the community (AND monitoring the game working properly).

This is why I have 0 problems with devs’ read hours being hidden, because people will always have opinions about whether it’s enough (“Why are you on Twitter and not the forums?!”) or too much (“Pfft, now I see why the game is such a mess, you’re always on the forums”), and the number really has very little to do with how much they care or are engaged or are doing their jobs.

They are hidden because there are some entitled stalkers hiding in the forums.

If the devs ever say anything the ratio of good-bad is 1:10 thanks to those people.

It’s not worth it for them or for us forum normies. :upside_down_face:

Suggestions that include Mass Rez aren’t automatically nonconstructive, and you don’t get to determine what is/isn’t in the first place.


Well, in the scenario I just posted the devs would have confirmed they don’t want Mass Rez ideas.

So by definition, posting Mass Rez ideas would be non-constructive.

It’s probably because they don’t want us to know just how much they aren’t reading the forums at all.