Why are Brigitte and Moira

I think you need to play some more Moira before you call her op lol.


How is Moira op? Moira is one of the most balanced characters in this broken game.
Brigitte I would say isn’t really that op but if you say that she is balanced you are lying to yourself.

I consider the orbs going through barriers instead of bouncing off of them as OP. there is enough things screaming “F you” to the tanks in this game already.

Moira doesn’t really have to aim, so she naturally performs well at low ELO

Yeah on ps4 she is pretty Op in the right hands… There was a video not so long ago here on the forum from a pc player, high ranked… Who played on console for the first time and he also said on consoles its different with balance and stuff, specially characters like Moira and Brig…

But Doomfist is more then strong enough as he is…

Doomfist had a lower cooldown shieldbash with a one shot capability…

The other 2 are balanced


I play a ton of tanks and the damage orb does nothing, now Brigitte and Doomfist is just a F you to tanks.

Moira is literally blizzard’s only success at creating a balanced hero.


Orisa is laughing hard.
And Ana was balanced at release and got overbuffed.

Moira was not balance and is still not now.
She is not op just a bit too strong

Not really. I mean, look at Symmetra. Her high win rate is almost exclusively because she’s bad.

High win rates can be caused by either having a clearly delimited or a niche role (like the Symmetra example or even Brigitte) or just by being a required pick, whether that’s because of the hero’s own strength (Hanzo) or how they fit into the meta (Rein).

Im gonna regret saying this.

But what makes Moira OP?

I would like to remind everyone that Moira just got hit upside the head with a sledgehammer with a bug fix that effectively nerfed her healing output significantly

Because the easiest heroes in the game need to be really strong to make sure the devs include everyone.

Isn’t it just amazing that they’re both perfectly balanced?

-Moira has the lowest damage per second in the game; Biotic Grasp does 50, Biotic Orb does 50, and Coalescence does 70.
-Range doesn’t make her powerful, it just means that she can fight from a safer distance.
-Brigitte is restricted to incredibly short melee ranges
-Brigitte’s damage is outclassed by actual damage characters, her ability to tank is outclassed by actual tanks, and her healing output is outclassed by every other healer.

And these are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


Spoken like someone who’s never actually played as Brigitte or Moira before.

-Moira requires a MASSIVE amount of tactical decisions. Everything she does can either damage or heal, and you need to be extremely diligent in focusing on one or the other.
-Brigitte, being restricted to extremely short distances to do anything at all massively holds her back. Even then, she can’t just hold her shield out forever, or be the first person to charge forward, otherwise she just dies right away. You need to manage each ability use VERY carefully as well.

And that’s just completely wrong. There aren’t many things that can go through barriers in the first place-about to be even less with Symmetra’s rework around the corner-so why exactly is it a problem to have a low-damage ball that’s easily avoidable go through them?

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You’re saying…release Ana with 6 ammo was…balanced, and now she’s…too strong because she got overbuffed even though she’s still considered weak?


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Ana had 6 ammos at release? Wtf.

Nah actually I think I’m mistaken. She had 6 ammo on PTR and got released with 8, which then got buffed further.

Even with 8 its still quite low. If it was 10 at the time, seems fair but below 10 is just quite low.

Every character in the game can literally walk through every barrier but mei’s wall. At this point it’s almost like they should remove rein’s shield and give him some other ability to replace it since it’s become so useless.