Why are Brigitte and Moira

pickrates + winrate are EVERYTHING. the combination of the two

we don’t balance heroes based on subjective opinions

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Pickrates and winrates mean nothing. A character can be picked because it’s fun or popular or because it’s well liked. Win rates can come from individual skill, luck or being carried


Wasn’t Moira “bugfixed” a second ago? (Why the flying f*ck do they even call it a bug, thats like Mei having nano grenade being purged in cryo freeze is a bug oh wait)

winrate over the entire server of the game has only one common factor. that is the strength of the hero

thats absolute bullsh!t. numbers are everything


Winrate literally means nothing. You can be carried in many games, there’s boosting, there’s the enemy team being bad, there’s individual skill, etc. Numbers don’t mean nothing if they’re covered in variables


Moira is the most balanced hero (and you only have 1 hour on her)
Brig is ok now, she’s not in a bad spot


win rates mean a lot actually. Across the different platforms and servers if the character continues to have a high win rate it’s not because only the best players are playing them.

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They don’t, they really don’t


Oh man, remember Doomfist at launch? With the much farther Rocket Punch range, and the enormous hitbox on his fist? :laughing: I like to think he was a bit too powerful at launch. Sure, they overnerfed him for a bit, but July last year was a scary time to be playing Overwatch :cold_sweat:

Moira strengths rely more on your weaknesses, as in, Moira isn’t op, your aim just sucks :smiley:


h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnhwAvdnfcw

He was most definitely not fine. Brigitte is bad, but come on. Not worse than getting one-shot through cars.

nah, original doomfist wasn’t as scary as brig and moira were. He required an insanely high level of skill to get value. Brig and Moira require so little to outplay other characters it’s all reward almost no risk.

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I think you need to play some more Moira before you call her op lol.


How is Moira op? Moira is one of the most balanced characters in this broken game.
Brigitte I would say isn’t really that op but if you say that she is balanced you are lying to yourself.

I consider the orbs going through barriers instead of bouncing off of them as OP. there is enough things screaming “F you” to the tanks in this game already.

Moira doesn’t really have to aim, so she naturally performs well at low ELO

Yeah on ps4 she is pretty Op in the right hands… There was a video not so long ago here on the forum from a pc player, high ranked… Who played on console for the first time and he also said on consoles its different with balance and stuff, specially characters like Moira and Brig…

But Doomfist is more then strong enough as he is…

Doomfist had a lower cooldown shieldbash with a one shot capability…

The other 2 are balanced


I play a ton of tanks and the damage orb does nothing, now Brigitte and Doomfist is just a F you to tanks.

Moira is literally blizzard’s only success at creating a balanced hero.