Why ana doenst have the "help me" voice line like zen, moira or lucio

Because she’s a soldier.

Real answer: I don’t know. That’s a good question. For the longest time I thought only Mercy had “help me” call outs, but I have heard Zen do it as well. I don’t think (???) Moira asks for help either, so maybe they are just trying to judge which characters they think will be fighting enough that it would be annoying?

I would have thought Lucio would be included in that, though.

I do not believe I have ever heard this line as Zen. Perhaps because if someone gets the drop on me, I’m dead too fast to utter the line?

“Help, I’------” zoink.

Well I mean

It is VERY weird that Moira got “help me lines” when she literally HAS to attack people to regenerate her resource

Or even Lucio who can self heal and run away

Or Zen who is more often at longer ranges

Maybe they couldn’t get Ana’s va in to do them in time for the update; maybe next time there’s an event we’ll get them


Zen lucio and moira got them in the last patch


This is apparently the official stance. People were asking for Zen lines and Chu said that they would probably add help lines for more supports in the future.

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As a Zen main I can say:
#1 He says this Every. Single. Time. He takes 1hp of damage.
#2 Its super annoying
#3 Its kinda insulting. Zen is a “Kill or be killed” character which is always taking damage so he practically spams his help lines now.
I’m gonna feel free enough to post my topic I made about this here.
Can, of course, be removed if wished.


If that is the case then I must not be focussed on hearing it then, because I haven’t at all, and I play a lot of Zen. Either that, or I’ve just blocked it out. /shrug

It really goes to show that the devs are damned if they do damned if they don’t. People complain about having no Zen help lines… the devs add said lines by request.


If you ever wonder why the devs don’t listen to people about something, this is why.

For a long time it was only Mercy. Other supports getting similar lines was just patched in. I would assume Ana (and Lucio) has them too, but due to a bug they’re not really triggering.

Dunno that the lines are that useful anyway tbh. I used to spin around whenever I heard Mercy call out, but she does it from pointless chip damage from a DVa three timezones away, and yet not at all when a Reaper’s on her. Even if it worked as intended, the TTK in this game is low and you’ll be unlikely to do much in time.
You have to rely on your own awareness over the voicelines when it comes to peeling.

They really should remove the automatic “help” lines and replace it with a voiceline that you can use. The automatic ones only trigger when you’re at full hp and got tickled.

Saying “group up” goes in one ear and out the other if you need help. But if they made a “help me” voiceline that triggered an explanation point to your location maybe people would actually listen to it. Healers see and hear critical “I need healing” voicelines, so why can’t there be a help voiceline.

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This is exacyly how i feel about all of them.
Moira: takes 5 damage “HELP ME” all of the god damn time.

I’m surprised that moira has a “help me” line, if I actually needed help, I would be actually dead already

You can’t hear it but when she takes damage she activates her Life Alert


Did you read the last line of my post?

Considering it said “I’m joking/actually not joking” it doesn’t really change my stance.

I agree that Ana needs this voiceline badly. After Mercy’s had it for so long, Ana is the first one that should’ve gotten it as well.

A side note, I KNOW that Zen says “I require aid” but I keep HEARING “I require AIM”. Yes buddy. I do. I know I do. No need to rub it in.

Tbh, I get why these voicelines are in game and I agree that it’s useful for all the healers to have them. It helps the entire team realise their healer is under attack and (hopefully) react. In a game where most people don’t really communicate much despite all the options to do so, this is a decent addition.

It’s kind of funny how she’s the one support that needs a line like this (because she can’t self heal as easily as the others and so it’s useful to know when she’s taking damage even if it’s not a lot) but instead supports like Moira who are okay at less than full health get to ask for help when she’s taking the tiniest bit of damage…

My guess is that her VA wasn’t available at the time. Calm down people, it’ll come eventually.

Oh yeah, she is the only VA that is in Egypt.
When Ana was being made, Blizzard had to travel all the way to Egypt just to record her voicelines.