Why am I not eligble for top 500?

I am well into top 500 for open queue. 3.3k which should put me at top 100. I’ve played 52 games. 32 wins 28 losses and 2 draws. I played the extra 2 because i heard draws do not count. I have my account information all linked and have had it linked for years so that also should not be an issue. Despite this im still not getting a top 500 rank or spot on the leaderboard.

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thats more a tech issue. you should go over there and ask. because it seems like you have hit the requirement for it show, it could also just need a day or two before it shows on leader boards?

I doubt this is related to their hardware or software, so defo not a tech issue.

Though posting it in the #bug-report section could help.

Did you SMS verify? that’s important

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"Just because I cannot get ANYWHERE near that SR, then others must be cheating or boosted. :crazy_face: " - Guy that writes essays about why he sucks :clown_face:

Somehow these “selected players” can still easily rank up back to that SR on any account they play on. Another fact to why the limited thinking user above me is just going around spreading BS :clown_face:


Every single top 500 player is more skillful at the game than you will ever be no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, no matter what you think and it will always be that way forever. This coping mechanism of yours helps nobody. I’m almost afraid. Do you suffer with schizophrenia? I’m not shaming you, but these delusions get more and more deep rooted by the day.

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top 500 only applies to the 500 highest ranked players also that meet the additional qualifications per category (sms protect and minimum games). this specific question was already answered in #technical-support

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Sorry if I come off as rude, but it feels like you and a lot of others arent even reading my post, because I already stated that I have met all of that criteria, and have checked, and had other top 500 players check for me that I meet them, and all of them have come to the consensus that meet the criteria

Im assuming this means youve got SMS verification?