Why am I crashing and why do I have to lose 50 sr because of this D:

So for the past week or two I started randomly crashing. Pressing the back key after checking hero skins (crash), pressing tab while in game to see people’s ult status (crash), finding a match for comp (crash).
I’ve tried the scan and repair multiple times, I uninstalled it and reinstalled ow, got me a cooling mat for my fans, checked my drivers for updates, restarted my laptop, lowered my video settings, but still I crash and I’ve basically lost like 150 sr or more in the pass week with an hour and half ban from comp because of it.
I never had this problem until recently with the new update with Hammon.

When I would crash I would hear a pop up notification jingle. It never appeared on my screen because it just mostly froze. But I noticed it when I was closing ow and a small notification said rendering device was lost. If someone can help me with this that would be great, because if this keeps happening I probably will just stop playing, it’s just too annoying to deal with.


Please check forum stickies, your error message is covered there.

Thank you, I’ll check that out.