Why am I being suspended for Blizzard glitches?

Anyone else have a game load, then not load then you get suspended for leaving? WTF fix this!!! It’s bad enough that the games are garbage with the insane amount of smurfing going on but now I get sr loss for you bad netcode?

Sounds like a connection issue somewhere between you and Blizzard. I’ve never had this issue and I’ve been playing since the beta. Their netcode likely isn’t the problem.

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I don’t have this, but it seems to happen to quite a few people. This would seem like something Blizzard would have as a priority but it’s just very difficult to code.

When the start of the game freezes on the map card screen, that is often a sign of a connection problem. NOT a problem with the game.

If this is happening frequently, please avoid Competitive Play, and start working on this troubleshooting if you have not already.

While it was not your intention, it is important to understand the penalty is intended to deter players from continuing to play with a bad connection and to stop any excuse to leave. All technical issues with be penalized appropriately, with a small but firm suspension. Details here:

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