Why am I being penalized for DC in comp?

I understand what you’re saying, but this has never once happened previously. If I was in a position where I had access to my router I would agree with you, however, I do not. My ability to access the internet is entirely dependent upon my university and the accessibility it entails.

That’s not an excuse though…
You have the option of well…not playing comp. You KNOW your internet connectivity is unstable but you choose to play anyway. You accept the risk if you play with unstable net.
I get that its not in your control, but it doesn’t really matter.


There’s no useful way to do that. If they differentiate between the two, then everyone who wants to leave intentionally disconnects instead, which completely defeats the purpose of differentiating.

Perhaps more importantly, the impact is the same either way. If you leave a Competitive match, disconnect or not, you most likely just single-handedly wrecked a game for 11 people (5 of whom will lose because of it). If that’s something you expect to happen frequently, then Competitive is the wrong place to be.

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This was definitely a one-off scenario, but my friend in the game i was DC’d from informed me my team actually won the 5v6 so my strife lies only in the punishment I received. I have come to realize the inability to differentiate between toxic DC’s and accidental. Thanks for your input!

There is, but it could be exploited by people purposely disconnecting their internet.


So does that mean there isn’t P=

I thought you could rejoin the game but there’s zero incentive to do so as you will always lose 50 SR.

This must’ve happened quite a numbers of times, or do you only get two DCs a season?

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Missed that point.
You only get a comp ban if you have DC’d multiple times throughout multiple seasons.
Unless he means a season ban, which again doesn’t happen until you have way more than 2 DC’s.
Leaving games also counts.
So you have either left lots of games or DC’d lots. Which is it?

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this is the first instance of my internet deactivating. It has never happened previously and most likely won’t happen again.

OP is suggesting that this was a one off and that his internet is normally stable so I guess that rules all of that out.

Seems like you should be able to rejoin the game to avoid risk of ban. If you lose the game you lose 50 SR as you were prob the main cause. If you win, no SR but no loss either SR

You can make a hotspot on your phone and finish the match with your mobile data. If data consumption bothers you just turn on limit client/server send data in the settings, that way a whole hour of gameplay uses about 70-80 MB.

I took it as he knows his internet is unstable at college (or at least out of his hands as he puts it) so he knows something is up with the internet.
I get the rejoin thing, it seems odd that they punish you if you rejoin (as long as you do it quick, even 1min is too long though)

I’ve talked about this before…

you seem like a nice person so i’m sorry you’re going through this

your negativity doesn’t help the situation nor the morale
could you go into detail about what your recommendations are on creating a decent comp system?

That’s fair enough then.

Yeh it’s a bit of a shame. Why they couldn’t make it so you have a reason to rejoin… I get the point of punishing people harshly that leave cos of how badly it effects the other players, but making it so no there’s no reason to return punishes the other players just as badly.

Also, while I don’t believe the game is dead, I dunno if such aggressive measures are required this late in the games life cycle (what with the relative abundance of games these days). Sure, there’s definitely going to those that people will say “Good riddance” but I pushing people away that otherwise are good members of the community… =\

The moment you queue for competitive you are stating that your hardware, connection, and etc are in proper working order.

You were perfectly aware that you are using a connection that was unreliable.

No one forcedyou to queue. If your connection is unreliable and you choose to risk your sr along with the sr of others it is your fault.

The excuse of “no control” is just that.

Your suspension is deserved and warranted.

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Maybe don’t play comp if your internet is potato. Is it so hard to understand you just boned 5 people?


Make it skill based like in any other esport. Anyone can make it to GM purely by getting matched with the right people.

they are not able to tell the difference when somebody leaves a game or DCs

Unfortunately your internet connection is not in the hands of Blizzard’s hands either, so from their perspective they have to set a policy that is going to benefit the majority of the community.

All disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. In other words they can’t tell when a player does this:

You can learn about this policy here:

Jeff Kaplan has specifically stated:

Source: Overwatch Forums

To clarify on this, remember if you see the message, “Lost Connection to the Server” in the title screen or the message “Failed to Connect to Server” in yellow text in the text chat box, this means there is something that disrupted your connection to the game server and not a problem with the game server itself. There can be a variety of reasons this happens including those that don’t disconnect your computer from the Internet. Only the message “Server Closed due to an unexpected error” is a crash on the server end and should result in no penalty or loss of SR (and usually restarts the match with all players on a different map).

Blizzard does not know your specific story though. Besides this is why the penalty is only 10 minutes long and the SR is easily recovered through consistent play once your disconnection issues are resolved.

Exactly. We are all responsible for our choices.

To conclude, I do wish to point out that even in a situation of playing in a college/university network (which I STRONGLY do not recommend in general), you can often find out where an why a disconnection is occuring by running a WinMTR test. The information from that test can often pinpoint common issues.

That being said, a large-scale local area network such as that of College Dormitories are very subjected to high amount of high network traffic, interference, security firewalls, and other factors common to cause disconnections. I often recommend if possible, see if a LAN cafe is available in your area or visit back home (if you live in the same town locally) to play when you have free time.

I got pulled out of RANk because a LARGE majority of DC’ers from 2 seasons ago. TBH it doesn’t feel too good to drop that fast. I was just on the edge of Gold, slightly above and played in there for most of my seasons. I never thought I would see what Silver’s ELO “hell” was. until I was put into it from DC’ers. crawling out of that mess is NOT something fun and I am still working my way OUT of the DC’ers and rage-quits from Competitive play in Silver.

I kinda wish Blizzard would take the initiative for an OFFICIAL message screen that displays for anyone chosing the mode, NOT to play on Wifi :wink: .

I also blame windows 10 forced updates for alot of what causes Dc’s too. So yeah… Its a rough deal…