Why 2-2-2 will kill low/mid rank matches


Nothing wrong with reporting a thrower.


The activity described in the post in question isnt throwing


It is. Just like if I played soldier. And chose to only heal. It’s throwing.


The activity described in the post in question is not throwing


I have re-read the posts in question and do not believe I have put words in your mouth. I believe I have accurately represented your positioning that rulebreakers should be removed from the game. If you do not believe that, then please feel free to say so–though I would have to question your motivations for defending rulebreakers.

While I have not misrepresented your statements, I would point out that there is no rule requiring that one not do so.


Right? Because nobody ever throws in this game so they can climb back up? People do this all the time. You think a role queue or role-based sr is going to stop smurfs and rude tilted jerks from ruining games? Bahahahaha!


The thread isn’t about deliberately deranking and climbing. This isn’t relevant at all.


Well then neither is the post of yours that I quoted because I was explaining why your excuse of an idea was irrelevant.

Its relevant because deranking will pretty much negate any positive affect a role queue could have. What good is hero-based SR or forced team compositions if most of your matches end up as lopsided messes regardless?


I feel like you might be accidentally commenting in the wrong thread. Not sure.

OP said they wanted to play DPS in gold but due to long queue times they’d instead settle for playing DPS Moira. I said that would be playing Moira at a bronze level and they would therefore end up inadvertently in bronze.

Do you understand? It has nothing to do with smurfing or anything of the sort. OP does not want to derank. They do not want to smurf. They do not want to troll lower tier players.

They simply want to play Moira effectively in a third DPS slot, thinking they can maintain the same SR that they would have maintained had they played their main role.


This is a massive assumption with literally no evidence behind it.


The thread is stating that disruptive behavior will make 2-2-2 irrelevant. I was just agreeing by demonstrating that players who drop rank from playing healers poorly wont matter because they can climb back up and continue to ruin games at both ranks. You will not suddenly avoid all disruptive teammates because of forced compositions or role-based SR, imo.


Its hilarious. over 10k posts and about 100 of them are in this thread trying to justify throwing competitive games whilst on top of that claiming the reporter trying to cleanse competitive of these toxic self entitled people is the 1 who should be banned. Very strange.

Like if the paticular situation isnt written down specifically as throwing in the ‘rules’ the person refuses to use 1 of the MANY brain cells we are gifted with to determine that the individual running around as mercy watching the team die around them is, in fact throwing and ruining the game for the 5 other people

Seems like the type of person to stand on the side or the road writing down number plates of people driving 33mph in a 30 zone.


I would report a DPS Mercy if didnt heal most of the time. If you want to play dps play a damage character. Damage is not fundamental for Mercy, like how it is for Moira or Zen.

But then why does she have the piston for, since it is in her kit? Sure, it is for protecting yourself but your whole kit is based around teammates who will protect you.

If you play support and dont heal you are throwing. Thats a fact. The role is to keep your teammates alive, not help them(necessarily) with damage. It is not a false report since it is clearly game sabotage. If you play Mercy and DPS all game then you are throwing. Play Zen, Moira, Baptiste, HELL EVEN BRIGITTE. People who defend this type of behaviour are braindead and need to calm down, they are being too loud.


Please, be my guest. No, seriously. Your account will last about 15 minutes before you get avoided and reported into oblivion, and I won’t ever have to play with you again.

Impatient is waiting a bit longer in the queue for a game.

Selfish is picking a support and playing DPS with them, which you literally just said you’d do.

You’re not impatient, you’re entitled and uncooperative. Huge difference.

You purposely don’t heal on Moira, I’m reporting you for griefing and sabotage, and then I’m avoiding you. Let us know how long your account lasts playing like that.

Just do us all a favour and go play CoD mate, no one wants a teammate with your attitude.


Please show us exactly where it says this.

Oh wait, you can’t, because you just made that up.

Not healing as a support falls clearly under Griefing which is most definitely reportable.

Mei repeatedly blocking her own team with wall? Griefing.
Orisa repeatedly throwing her shield off a cliff? Griefing.
Moira repeatedly DPSing while her teammates die? Griefing.

But hey, if you disagree, please carry on playing like this. The faster you get reported and thrown into the avoided pool, the better for the rest of us.


This will make their healer SR drop and they will fall into an SR that doesn’t matter to people trying to increase SR. Fixed itself


Its not made up, it is Blizzards written rules on the matter

There is no griefing category

If you mean gameplay sabotage, no, such activity is explictly denoted as not reportable

I have stated repeatedly that I am a support main and healing always come first when I play, and also that I prefer other healers on my team to heal first as well

There is a difference between preference and the rules of the game


The poster takes the view that the only things that are reportable for gameplay sabotage are the things specifically mentioned in the report text. If you look at the rules with this mentality then it would be a false report.

The poster also takes the unrealistic view that a report is always false unless it its ‘established’ to be true. Since intent cannot be established to a certainty this makes the category nearly useless and limited to symm teleporter trolling.

In my opinion, this view is quite questionable.

If you call 911 because you saw someone smash a window in a car across the street, get in, and drive off, you do not have 100% certainty that a crime was committed. The behaviour is suspicious enough to reasonably report to the police. Is it reasonable to have the police charge the caller with abuse of 911 if it turns out the suspicious person locked their keys in the car and needed to attend an emergency? Based on the posters logic for overwatch reporting, it would be, since intent was not established. If a player’s performance is so bad that it is indistinguishable from a player intentionally feeding then it is not a ‘false report’ to report them without establishing intent 100%. Ultimatley blizzard rather than the poster will make this decision when evaluating reports.

In legal jurisdictions depending on the system used weight is also assigned to the intent behind the law and precedent.

We know from intent statements made by blizzard and the devs that the gameplay sabotage category is not solely limited to the actions explicitly mentioned in the reporting box. Seeing as how blizzard also judges (i.e. not a neutral third party) and makes actions based on the report, it is reasonable to consider those intent statements when using the system.

In the reporting system update patch notes: Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – March 24, 2018

"Report Menu

  • The “Poor Teamwork” dropdown menu option has been removed
  • The “Griefing” dropdown menu option has been renamed “Gameplay Sabotage”
    Developer Comments: Due to player confusion about the most appropriate category to report players for poor or toxic gameplay, we are removing the Poor Teamwork option from the reporting system. Players should instead use the Gameplay Sabotage option when players actively harass or disrupt their own team with game mechanics or their actions. Players should not be reported simply for performing poorly, since everyone occasionally has a bad game."

Note how blizzard explicitly states that players who actively harass or disrupt their own team should be reported under this category.

Someone who locks main healer, especially within the context of a role lock system, and then refuses to heal knows or ought to reasonably know that their play-style will be disruptive to their team.

They also clarify that the ‘poor play’ note reflects general performance and off-days rather than intentionally playing poorly due to player preference.

From developer comments on updated player tools: Updated Player Experience Tools for 1.22

To help with the accuracy and clarity of reports, we are making a couple changes to the player report categories you can choose. The first change is renaming the “Griefing” category to “Gameplay Sabotage”. Griefing is a very broad term used in many different ways amongst the community. The intent of the category is to be used when a player disrupts the game or harasses other players through the use of normal gameplay mechanics. A clear example of this is Symmetra teleporter exits being placed at the side of cliffs so teammates immediately drop to their death. Another example is players intentionally allowing themselves to be eliminated by the enemy team. This is often referred by the community as “feeding” or “inting”.
It is NOT gameplay sabotage if a player simply makes a mistake or has a poor match. Everyone does that from time to time, even the very best professionals in the world. Players can also have a rough match without a lot of mistakes, simply because the other team is making better plays and performing well. For a player to be reported for Gameplay Sabotage, they must intentionally be trying to disrupt and harass their teammates or actively trying to lose. Note that playing a non-meta Hero does not mean someone is taking part in Gameplay Sabotage. Players who are trying hard to help their team to win should not be reported, regardless of the hero they choose.

"For a player to be reported for Gameplay Sabotage, they must intentionally be trying to disrupt and harass their teammates or actively trying to lose. " Emphasis added. Note the ‘or’ instead of ‘and’.

Intentionally disruptive or harassing play-styles are therefore reportable, as stated by the devs, even if the player is not a actively trying to lose, since it satisfies the first half of the condition.

Intentionally allowing your teammates to die when you could have used your kit in the generally accepted manner is disruptive and potentially harassing. It is not unreasonable for your team to expect that the support players support the team.

Would u report a DPS healer throwing games?

I see this so much!!


The simplest answer is the best answer :smiley: