Whos golden gun should i get next


im deciding between reaper hog and pharah

but i really cant decide


I’m a fan of getting an M16 with gold camo…

I know all the cool kids are using a AK-74u instead, but the M16 with Red Dot + Gold camo is perfection…

this was a joke


Moira cause golden nails Alaska TF 5000 would be proud cause if your not wearing nails YOUR NOT DOING DRAG!


Well if Reaper, then you leave Golden Guns everywhere.

If Hog, then you get a Golden gun and hook.


well i originally wanted hog but once orisa stops being meta, i wont play him anymore

reaper is fun but he will stop being effective in higher ranks and same with pharah


Trust me, Reaper will always be useful if there are tanks involved.


Either Reaper or Hog.

Reaper’s duel shotguns look great in gold, especially his Halloween skins…

And Hog gets a gold gun and hook.


Can you donate them to me so I can get a golden gun? :disappointed_relieved:

I’d get Hogs, he’s the only one of those heroes I play and enjoy. Pharah only in Mystery Heroes and Reaper only if I can’t instalock McCree fast enough in Retribution. :laughing:


I’d say roadhog cause better value. you get a golden gun and a golden hook


Reaper because I like him more as a character xd


I’d say Pharah because nobody has said Pharah. Also I have Pharahs golden guns. But Hog with the LA Valiant skin would look clutch with a gold hook. (The LA Valiant skins look great with gold weapons.)


Reaper because you can flex your golden guns by dropping them in your enemies corpses