Who would you like to see get completely gimped?

Any of the popular ones just to have a good show on the forums.

(No one tbh.)


I remember when i could post gifs…

All those years ago.

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Why can’t you post GIFs anymore.
Did you got a temporary suspension?

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I’ve always hated Moira but now that everyone else does too I don’t feel like saying it so then I’d say Symmetra but I just had a game with a nice Symmetra player so now I don’t feel like saying it so then I’d say Mei but I play Mei so I’d rather just skip the question!


I thought I’ve seen you post stuff like that semi-recently though… :thinking:

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I was silenced here multiple times.
Why you may ask?

People disagreed with this thread:

[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored]

Which at the time meant false flagging, instead of actual discussion.
So i would get silenced every few months just from the flagging alone.

Not in 2020, no.


There are 4 that come to mind for me

Brig, Sombra, Moira, and Mei

The game would be so much more enjoyable if they were gone IMO

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I guess I’m thinking of someone else then? Weird…

MOira. Moira. Moira.

I like how you forgot that you played Mei. :wink:

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Whoops, looks like the devs beat me to the punch. Oh well, better luck next time.

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Poor Bastion…

Sometimes I wish I didn’t! :grinning:

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Ah, you have a masochistic relationship with her, I see.

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Hmmm… Here we go.

  1. Sombra.

Obvious reasons, I hate that she has the tools to escape 100% of the time if I’m not using a burst hero. The hack I hate not because it does what it does but that it exists with the rest of her kit.

  1. Doomfist.

… I actually forgot why I have Doomfist. But I somehow still do.

  1. Reaper.

This is an odd choice. I play custom games and play Hog, but Reaper “counters” Hog. I feel it is stupid to feel it is a one-way match up, but I understand their reasoning. I’d get rid of the 50 extra hp and/or lifesteal, but I don’t necessarily have anything against this characters.

Why would you comment then? This thread won’t be taken seriously, and they asked who, not if. Also we have Bastion, so your wish has already failed.

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I hate mei, widow, and hanzo, so probably one of those three
mercy or moira would be funny though

When heroes like sombra and doomfist exist its really hard to say that with people actually taking it seriously

Edit: And widowmaker

Genji, no more cyber-ninja spamming that he needs healing. Or well spamming it more, but being justified in ignoring it. Just take away swift-strike and doublejump and nerf Deflect to have a 10% of stopping a bullet, but doing nothing otherwise. He’ll be useless, but it’d be fun to watch this Ninja just run around with no mobility except running, then swing around his sword pretending he can block bullets and failing.

2nd choice would probably be Hog.


Let’s gimp him with a gag! :zipper_mouth_face:

Mei. She makes the match super obnoxious for both teams.

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