Who would have guessed


Shooters with no auto lock aiming, stuns , knock ups, just no ways of screwing you out of controlling your character or fighting back are ALL more popular than OW.

Blizzard get all that crap out of the game. How about trying making the game fun instead of frustrating…


Instead of asking them to rework nearly every hero and the entire physics engine as if that’s feasible, why not just go play one of those popular games instead?


Alright… bye Lucio Rein Hog Hammond Brig Orisa McCree Doom Winston etc…

Wait no. Go find another game to play if it bothers you so much


not so much that the reason i left ow as it is other games fixed problems ow has had for years an only part of the game that gets any real updates is just for owl


Fortnite BR has Boogie bomb which is a stun lock.
Apex is only popular because its new and F2P.
Give it a few months for the hype to die down.


The last auto lock hero is Mercy’s beams. We have one soft lock on Winston and that’s it.

Is your main a dive hero by any chance?


I do, but I play this as well. And that makes its flaws shine so much harder, That hard to grasp???


No. What’s hard to grasp is that you think getting rid of all cc and reworking Overwatch into something more along the lines of every other typical shooter is something that will actually be considered.


Welp, there are people who like games like overwatch more than “aim is everything” kind of games, you know, some games might not be for everyone.


Honestly it just seems like this was never the game for you if you hate those mechanics so much. The original cast was filled with stuff like cc, boops, and even more than the one auto lock character we have left (which isn’t even a weapon but a heal beam).


With the 6.5k average viewers it should be.


Good luck waiting for them to literally scrap the entire game.


Battle royales are the new trend. So what? What is your point?

Overwatch still has a solid playerbase.


Play Black ops 1 MP.
If you don’t want to deal with these mechanics. Team deathmatch is a fun gamemode.


Who would thought? Fortnite is more popular than World of Warcraft.

Take all of that mmorpg garbage out of your game and make it a battle royale shooter.
Me and OP are clearly the smartest people here.

The next patch for World of Warcraft better remove all that crap and finally make it into a better version of Apex


So… A game thats not exactly the same as other battle royale games is just… Flawed?


except when they tried that in a game closer to overwatch.

Lawbreakers sank without a Trace. Gearboxes one also sank without a trace. Quake Champions looks like it is going to sink without a trace.

Overwatch and Paladins won that round of games.


i know those things irritate some people but thats why i like this game, haha. its not just shooting with basic guns like every other shooter. im not into those except for the old medal of honor and halo games. i think we could have more abilities like that as long as we get other abilities to curb their effectiveness.


Free games are more popular than paid games. Simple as that.


I mean all they had to not do was make subjective changes to heroes that make absolutely no sense like nerf Mercy to 50hps, nerf Sombra, nerf Junkrat or destroy DF