Who is the true hero of Overwatch?

They’re all heroes, sure, but in your opinion who would be the one to save the world in its’ final moments when all else failed, and why?

I think its Symmetra. She has the power to bend reality using the power of the light force, and I think that has the most potential of all the heroes. The only thing is that she’s her own worst enemy. Though, I have hope that one day she will shed her prejudice and, well, see the light.


I’d love for Sym to be given that big of a role in the story but I think something like that would probably come down to either Winston or Tracer, OR it would be a group effort between all of the heroes.


It’s punch kid obviously.


Symmetra would be cool as the savior.
Her story and background also makes her potential for this really good.

Slightly autistic so she doesn’t necessarily understand the company she works with is shady and manipulating her skills.
Her boss is a council member of Talon and I highly suspect Symm doesn’t know this. Neither does anyone else at Vishkar.

She genuinely believes in Vishkar’s mission, and this makes her an idealist.
But combined with the things she doesn’t know; it would allow the revelation of her boss’s affiliation and the company’s shady practices for a huge character development for Symm.


I’d love for Hanzo to be the one to save all, even willing to sacrifice himself.

He never wanted to be a hero, yet here he is. For Genji.
Hanzo obviously isn’t the biggest fan of overwatch, so if he were the one to grow as a character and end up saving them or the world, it would be hella cool story wise.
But Symmetra also sounds awesome. Ngl.

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There is no true hero they are all tainted just like Blizzard

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I mean, if I expect anyone to sacrifice themselves in the lore to save all, it’d certainly be Reinhardt. Maybe Torbjorn for that ironic redemption piece as well, since he is partly responsible for Omnic creation and puts a lot of blame on himself for the crisis.

If you mean who’s the single heir that has done the most work in putting the team together to bring back Overwatch, and who in my opinion is considered the main character of the story of Overwatch’s legacy, it’s obviously Winston.

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very based i like it

I can see Mercy coming in clutch with Mass Rez. And before you say that rez is not canon… Yeah you’re right. But will the writers care? NOPE.

They could do really cool scripted moments like a Tracer and Tracer-echo blinking around a baddy and just ruin his day with pulse bomb spam.

So, I really hope they take advantage of that new choregraph tool they created for fun experiences with NPC heroes =)

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plot twist:



Sigma, gravity does a LOT of things in this universe. He is the most powerful person on Earth.

If there had to be only 1, tracer would seem the most likely pick.

  • That or Winston
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I don’t think there will be a final moment though (let alone one individual that saves the world in said final moment), it’s just not how a team-based online game works on a narrative level.

From a narrative standpoint, it’ll likely be Winston. From a lore perspective, I could see it being a freed Sigma due to his godlike power over gravity. I could also see Symmetra, for the reason you stated, or perhaps even Tracer since she’s able to manipulate her own time flow.