Who is getting changed : a summary

So the latest PTR patch is without a doubt the biggest one in regards to balance. It is in fact so big that the patch itself is getting patched, with more changes, and so, a second patchnote appeared.

I thought it was a little confusing, especially if you take into account the facts that a few general changes were made and that there are apparently some undocumented changes, so I’ve sorted the characters according to what happened to them.

If you have any question as to why X character is in X column, feel free to ask and I will explain.

Patchnote 1 : Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – February 26, 2019
Patchnote 2 : PTR Hero Changes Update

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What was the Ashe buff?

Damage-over-time is no longer affected by armor, making Ashe’s dynamite stronger against it.

Even as a Lúcio player, I can’t be mad at these changes.

But, the Junk and Sym buffs are definitely welcomed.

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And the junkrat buff? Was that just the knock back?

Also thank god for that knock back buff because I just know I’ve wasted so many of Ashes knock backs when DVA had boosters up

Primary fire now deals 60 damage instead of 40 upon impact (the explosion still deals 80 damage)

Oh heck I didn’t catch that one

  • Ashe: Dynamite damage over time no longer affected by armour

  • Doomfist: reduced cooldowns of Seismic Slam and Rising Uppercut

  • Hanzo: increased radius of Sonic Arrow

  • Junkrat: increased impact damage of his grenades

  • Moira: increased healing over time

  • Orisa: decreased the slow down while firing her weapon

  • Soldier: 76: increased weapon damage, reduced the cooldown between sprinting and firing weapon, his ultimate can now target Rip-Tire and Immortality Field drone

  • Sombra: hacking health packs now reduces the cooldown by half

  • Winston: Tesla Cannon tick rate change (or something), so more effective against armour

  • Wrecking Ball: no longer leaves the ball more when using Adaptive Shields

  • D.Va: can now be knocked back while flying

  • Reaper: health steal reduced

  • Zarya: alternate fire radius reduced

  • Ana: Nano Boost healing reduced, got no idea what the buff is

  • Lucio: Speed Boost nerfed, wallriding speed buffed

  • McCree: Fan the Hammer damage reduced, Deadeye damage increase buffed

  • Mei: Ice Wall health reduced, primary fire damage increased

  • Mercy: can now be knocked back while flying, no idea what the buff is

  • Pharah: minimum splash damage increased, can now be knocked back while flying

  • Symmetra: something with her weapon buffed (tick rate?), damage vs armour slightly increased at lower charge, decreased at higher charge

  • Torbjorn: health increased by 50 armour, Overcharge armour gain decreased by 50

  • Widowmaker: her ultimate now shows enemy health bars, cancelled when she dies

  • Zenyatta: Discord Orb nerfed, weapon damage increased


Holy guacamole, you have a lot of time to waste

Also, the Mercy buff is the undocumented change I talked about. Apparently, she can now move freely when attempying to rez during Valkyrie (she still has the cast time though)