Who here is brave enough


Game is dead but I still love it, wish I like BR games like Apex but I just can’t, BR are so boring…overwatch still unique…


Game is good but the stagnation gets boring.


:spider_web: I love its concept and what it could have been. My negativity stems from the fact Blizz and Activision wasted such an opportunity and are going to run the game into the ground. Overwatch was such a unique and appealing game. It was literally TF2 but shinier and with added elements and that drew a lot of people in.

The game itself and the idea of it I will always love. Its the community that’s come to be and the game we’ll be left with when it’s fully abandoned that I dislike.


I still love it.

I don’t think people who are saying the game seems like it is dying say it out of lack of love for the game, however. Quite the opposite. When you love something it is sad to see it go downhill.

I will always love Overwatch and I’ve never invested this much time into a game, but loving the game does not have to mean ignoring its flaws.


I still do.

But we will probably need a couples therapy if things don’t take a change for the better soon xD


Love the game I played a ton of fps console and this game was my first in PC and get more fun than other games.
Also sometimes don’t play for months due to animé/WoW or solo games and come back with fresh minds/maps and heroes. :sunglasses:


Overwatch lover here and against dev bullying. :sunglasses:


I honestly agree so much. I have so much fun playing this game.

I’ve honestly made so many friends and have had such good times. I could never seeing myself to hate this game. It honestly is so tiring though to see everyday on the forums how much people hate the game because of balance issues, character issues, “deadgame”, etc. however i have not had any real problems yet.

This game is honestly my favorite.


lol didnt realize how many times i said honestly hehe


Honestly, I honestly didn’t even notice.