Who here is brave enough


Raises Hand to signify that i do


I still love this game.

I also can’t wait for Thursday to come.


I still love the game… I don’t agree with a lot of the changes but I still play and have fun doing so. It’s one of the games that had me playing for years whereas anything that can keep my attention for over a few months would have been enough.



I have been loving Overwatch since day 1 and have been saying as much on the forums since i joined it.

My children love the game as well.


Laughs in Smash Bros Brawl


I have a love/hate relationship with OW.

I love the characters, I love the world, I love the idea behind the game, but…

I hate the balance, I hate how little communication we’re getting from the devs, I hate how slow updates come and how minimal they feel, and I hate how we seemingly have no say in what happens to the game now.


I am brave enough to admit that I love it - and that’s why I have to ask it to make some changes for the good of our relationship. It’s been three glorious years now, but we’ve both changed, and I’m worried we’re just not working out any more.

No, I know you’ve been drinking again Overwatch; you were out all night last night with your new friends. I know this league is important to you, but dammit, you’re just not making time for us!!


Actually, it’s more fun imo because I actually understand the game now and can play it all out :slight_smile: Right now, Apex is pretty good, but not great. I don’t enjoy it as much because I don’t fully understand the game


am garbage at this game but I sure am liking it.


I’m still finding things to tinker with and learn in the game and that challenge ranges from a spectrum of difficulties… So yeah. I keep coming back to it as a result.

I can definitely say it’s hit a pretty big point of stagnation, but I consider it growing pains. It’s been out for 3yrs, it’s trying to branch out its market, and it’s hit a weird point that doesn’t feel very good. Growing pains.

Either way. I like the game. I’m still playing the game with time to kill. Maybe I’m not playing competitive or sinking hours every day into it (honestly though, I only wish I had the time to do that with any game). However, some time to burn, I’ll likely throw in a round of OW and see if I feel like continuing or not for that evening.

I’d say it’s doing something right.




I really don’t. The forums are way too toxic nowadays for my taste though, I’ll grant yiu that.


Personally i see no issue with the game, only the community for making dumb arguments like “dont watch OWL”, like that’ll help anything.


I love this game
But I don’t like somethings in it
Like low skill heroes/abilities having big impact on the match
And I would like some (good) bug fixes


That’s not how that meme works


I AM BRAVE. I love this game so much, that:

A: I still want to play it whenever I can.
B: I love every character. (Except Mei)
C: I buy OW merchandise on a daily basis.
D: My PC background is an OW slideshow.
E: Brigitte :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
F: My comment is the 76th comment.
Jack Morrison would be proud.


I still love Overwatch.
I still care about the game.
I get lost with every new map.
I am amazed at every cinematic.
I’m horribly terrible at every new game mode.

But I still love this game.
I play Main Tanks- once you’ve put up with one screaming teammate, you’re used to all of them.

I’ll never get tired of this game, even when I disagree with balance decisions such as being against hyper-mobility, and one-shots.

I love this game.
I love Blizzard.
I’ve loved Blizzard since I played Orcs vs Humans.

No matter how low the stock drops.
No matter what happens with Activision- as long as I see some resemblance of the original values- I’m not going anywhere.

Say what you will about the community.
Say what you will about customer service, or Activision- I don’t care.
Blizzard makes good games, and Overwatch is no exception.

I will remain here until the servers close.

“You’re just stubborn/stupid/blind”, maybe. Maybe… but I don’t care.

I’m not trying to get into OWL because of the forums.
I love this game.

:purple_heart::black_heart:Shields Up!:black_heart::purple_heart:


I think I’d says that I would love to love the game as much as I used to.


Up until recently, I would have said yes, but with the way balance and needs have gone in the past few months, and just how bad the frustrating games leave you feeling, I decided to cut back on this game and hardly play it. It felt like getting out of an abusive relationship.


I will be there till the end.

I don’t remember any recent game that made me feel like 10 year old that enjoys every game he gets to play.
Its that good for me.

I can play less, take a break, but I will never 100% leave it