Who here is brave enough


But Symmetra is hella weak already :frowning:


I’m sorry, far east Asian stereotypes. Symmetra and Mei are safe in my book

Edit: this is important because again, if they are from Korea or Japan, they have mobility and damage, but south or north of China? Slow and weak… it’s like they are trying to tell us something


I still enjoy this game.

Don’t get to play as much any more, but that’s okay. I still enjoy it.


In a similar sense i still loved my first ex a week after breaking up.


I dislike - hate certain aspects, characters, partsof the community of this game. I’ve never disliked the game itself. Heck when i first bought it, I played it daily for a few months.

I wouldn’t say I’m head over heels for the game. It triggers me like no other, especially a certain character. cough cough Pharah cough Also, the Widow and Hanzo mains but other then that, I have very few issues with the game and it delivers consistent updates that we are not obligated to get.

Would I like to see it improve? Of course. But, if Blizzard expects me to cough up money towards them lootboxes in order to get it. Well, they better not hold their breath. :rofl:

Edit: Also, I no longer Solo que and only play it when my friend feels like it. That plays a decent role I feel I should add. Otherwise I would’ve probably uninstalled it by now, to be honest.


I still play the game loads and think it’s great. All these people that don’t enjoy it should either tone it down or leave, because the state of the game isn’t as dire as it’s made out to be.


I still like the game. I played about 10 hours this weekend lol.

I also enjoy discussing the game on the forums because I know it has a ton of issues that need fixing.


Absolutely no shame: I love this game.


Well I like it but that doesn’t change the fact that it is dying. It hasn’t evolved 1 bit since launch and is more stale than ever.


I play it nearly every day - still lovin’ it! :heart_eyes:


Enjoy it? Yes.

Love? Not so much lately.


I think that the game is just as fun as when I first bought it.
Some things could use improvement, but what game doesn’t have any notches?


I love Overwatch. Even Hanzo. Who I hate.


I still love this game. Which is why I want to see OW have direct competition from another similar game. Put the fire towards innovation and polishing the game.


I can say that I enjoy it. Occasionally. But that’s it. There are handful of characters that make me return and play from time to time, but still, other games are more welcoming and enjoyable even after a break. The biggest problem here is that patches in Overwatch take forever to come, and without them the game is dull. Only worth returning once in a month for me.


i won’t say love, but it isn’t a dead game with the worst balance ever like the doomsayers preach because x was changed


I love the game. I’ve played it almost every day since launch, and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.


Game’s amazing, things that are doing well don’t get said. Only when someone is angry/annoyed do they speak.


I still love the game. This meta is great, many heroes and strategies are played. The cc and “Control” does sometimes get me tilting though (especially hack, litterally a 6 second long range stun with lockon)


I’m not afraid to say I love this game. I’m not afraid to say that it’s more enjoyable than Apex or Fortnite.