Who here is brave enough


As a therapist, I try not to equate being brave with doing something that ultimately has no consequences. But since it is subjective, I suppose it can be brave to some.

Which is why I offered an objective alternative, which is to say, while you may or may not be brave… You at least do not have underlying issues or an intense need to be negative about a video game that you are not obligated to play/partake in the community/etc. That’s something objective since the evidence is written all over the forums. Objectivity often trumps subjectivity (but never say never, always avoid always; sometimes it can be the other way around).


Bravery is doing the right thing despite being afraid. If you’re not afraid then you’re not being brave. Reckless maybe but it isn’t bravery.

I like this game. However, I can’t say that it scares me to admit that. It doesn’t.


I have a master’s in psychology, and while I respect your opinion (and also understand your viewpoint) I disagree with your first statement that something lacking consequence cannot be brave. You are right though (in that it is subjective), and as I said, I respect your view on the matter.




I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night… :smile_cat:


Can one not be afraid of social ridicule? Can one not be afraid of voicing an opinion that goes against the grain?

I think they can and that we see the fear of this shape human interaction every single day.


Ridicule me for saying so. Lol. Won’t make me brave if it doesn’t bother me.


It’s seeming more like a chore for me right now. The way it goes is I want to pick Bastion but then someone on my team doesn’t like it or the enemy team simply picks Hanzo or something which is an ultra hard counter so I basically never get to play him. This means I have to tryhard and more often than not GOATS wins. It’s just dive in disguise. At least in Rainbow Six: Siege (the game I’ve started playing more instead of OW) there aren’t exactly metas that I know of.


Bravery is subjective. Not everyone will share your disregard for the way others will feel. Some might claim to, but numerous studies have shown a human propensity toward conforming to societal norms.

If you genuinely feel that way, then I applaud you. You have thicker skin than most.


Oh lordT, we better stop before the children find out we’re technically adults. Congratulations on Master’s btw. It’s a scary and expensive climb. The best part about saying this here is that people will think I’m talking about some Competitive Rank.


170k in debt btw lmao.

“Technically” being the keyword lol. I feel like a big child every day of my life. Just counting down the hours until I can get home and play video games :grin: (only once my responsibilities are all taken care of). Haven’t changed in that regard since I was a little boy.


Still a fan of the game since beta. Been there through every up and down and wouldn’t say there was a time when the game was unplayable.


What’s with all these topics trying to get people to justify their love of the game? I love playing, so I still do. If you don’t like it anymore, move on .


I’m critical of the game and the many actions and lack of actions blizzard has made but I still like playing it.


i still find it very fun

especially on those ashe roulette rooms, its quite fun


I can’t say I feel the same love I felt for the game upon release, but the loves still there.

Only now, my relationship with the game is like an old married couple. When the game was new even it’s faults weren’t enough to make me upset. It was still new and exciting, and problems were to be laughed off when discussed.

Now, after 50 years together (ok fine, 3. Whose counting?) those faults are harder to ignore. The same problem over and over again has slowly become a point of contention.

Do I still love the game? Sure! But the honeymoon is over.


The game is still fun and enjoyable.

Do I get a medal now?


It’s a shame so many people seem to hate this game nowadays. I still enjoy it.

Sure, I don’t play as much as I used to, but that has nothing to do with the game, it’s simply me getting burnt out from doing the same thing too often and I just naturally find something else to do to change things up for myself (which I feel happens to everyone here, but no one seems to want to admit it, and instead blame the devs for “bad design”)


I still really like the game but I want all the Asian characters nerfed. DVA, Genji, Hanzo all annoy the hell out of me and naturally they all have high pick rates…

In League of Legends all of the humanoid Asian champs were always high damage, very mobile assassin characters (Ahri, Yasuo, Zed, Akali, Irelia, Yi, Lee sin, Jax just to name a few) and they were ALWAYS slow to change the characters, but monster, creature raced champs were changed very fast.

It seems that positive Asian stereotypes (smart, mobile, playmakers) has made its way to this game too.

Dva is a tank that can theoretically blow up an entire team, and she’s mobile, Genji is annoying as hell and everyone knows what he can do. Hanzo’s arrow will literally send your body flying if he smacks you in the head.

Europeon type knights? One is a tank, one is A healer.

What Overwatch could do is spice up the game archetype and stop bending over to the same old superficial racial stereotypes.

Like look at our two black characters. One is a big muscled black guy and one has an obsession with music that he’s made it into a weapon… just offensive honestly…

Where is the slim, anatomically correct black guy/girl ninja type character that has a high skill cap and situationally unavoidable 1-2 hit abilities?


But Symmetra is hella weak already :frowning: