Who here is brave enough


…to admit that they still love this game?

I’m not saying you have to believe the game has no faults, or that the game isn’t in a little bit of a crisis right now, but I’m wondering how many people here actually truly love Overwatch. How many of you have the courage to stand up to these people screaming in your ear that overwatch is dead or dying? How many of you still can’t wait to get home and load up the game?

Well, I am brave enough. I friggin’ LOVE this game, and I will play it until the day the servers shut down. Whether that is next month, next year, or 10 years from now. They will have to drag me from my PC to get me to stop playing this game!

I’m done with this negativity surrounding this game. I don’t care how many people will tell me the game or its devs aren’t good enough. I will always adore Jeff Kaplan and his team for bringing this truly special game into the world.

Anyway, that’s my rant for today. I know most people here will disagree, but that’s okay. You guys can hate on the game all you want. It won’t change my opinion of it, or its devs. Anybody out there who is with me is welcome to sound off. I will stand with you.


Brave?..I’m constantly saying it on here…game is as fun today as it was 2 years ago when I picked it up…


The game’s balance is the best it’s ever been. I still love it.


wait? brave? my love for the game never stopped. I have been burnt out but I love this game from the bottom of my heart


I still really like the game and some games I find really enjoyable.

But it still needs a lot of work and has a lot of problems that can be solved if they listened to some of the people’s feadback (not all tho cus the forums are full of sh"i"te)


The balance is sht tho and there’s no new content for like 1year now lul


Claiming love for a game isn’t exactly under the umbrella of being brave. However, claiming to hate a game - yet being too “frightened” to move on to something else and let us play in peace - certainly is a problem. Perhaps multiple problems rolled into one. Oopsie, I spilled some of my tea… :^)


I love the game.

I just hate the way it has been neglected and turned into a dumpster fire by the devs. I don’t want to support it anymore if this is what we get from it.


Ashe? Busan? Hammond? Rialto? Brig?



I love this game to death
I’m a tank main and I love every single tank
Their designs, their fun-level, it’s all amazing
Sure they’ve messed up the balancing at some times
But it’s still fun, and I’m going to keep playing them.
I seriously have hope that balancing will be better some day. Until then it’s going to be an upphill battle, but it’s a battle I’m willing to fight


The balance is much much better than given credit. I mean my boy Doomfist had it done to him, but hey, people are complaining about DPS that aren’t Hanzo/Widow so we’re heading somewhere in the right direction.


I think standing up to a majority opinion is always brave. If you don’t feel that way, that’s okay. Bravery is subjective. I think it takes courage to go against what other people tell you is the consensus.


I don’t think you have to be “brave” to say you love the game here. The fact that you’re writing things on its dedicated forums nearly 3 years after release already says that on its own, even for those claiming they hate it.

I still enjoy it… or more accurately, I’m enjoying it again. There was a period where it legitimately ceased being fun (the Brig’n’Doom reign), but a number of balance changes, the addition of colorblind mode, and some other things have brought it back above water.


I love the game just as much today as when I first picked it up. Does it have a few balance issues? sure, but nothing close to game ruining for me.

I’m satisfied with the amount of content we get, and I honestly don’t care much for the lore of the game so lack of lore doesn’t really bother me.


I’m with you, buddy! I will fight with you.


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I wouldn’t say brave , but oblivious maybe. The game gets more stale the higher you go , GOATS v GOATS in it self isn’t the issue. But the random nature of games as well as private profiles makes it a chore to play. If you come across a 1 trick on a mao where goats is the only option dorado, kings row etc , then its pretty much a loss in the hero select screen, + avoid as teammate was a good addition , but a role queue or something needs to be added if I’m going to grind for top500 like I used to


indeed, but how???


I still enjoy the game regularly - nothing brave about admitting that.