Who else is watching Seagull's stream?

What is this !drops thing everyone is doing?

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Not me, I’d rather watch someone elses stream. I’m trying to find one who doesn’t have too many followers and appears to be growing. So far I’m on Afiz’s stream which appears to be live and drops are enabled.

It’s a new small event, you get D.va related sprays if you watch cerrtain Twitch channels.

In the background. I hope it counts. I do not really want to watch him, but those D.Va sprays are pretty cute.

Yes, it does count. Your Twitch and Battle.net account have to be linked for the time to count though.

I hope they don’t hide sprays or even more behind the twitch wall more often… Like, I do watch twitch a lot tho, but there are people in the world not interested in twitch or watching streams, who might can’t just leave a pc on for 8 hours

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Do I get the sprays if I watch Afiz’s stream?

If it’s like Pink Mercy’s event, you should. As long as the stream is live and shows as ‘drops enabled’ then it should ideally do so (unless they changed this). I’m currently watching Afiz’s stream as they look like they are a fairly quiet stream who are growing.

Yes, he’s in the list. Also his channel says “DROPS ENABLED” which usually indicates you can in fact get the stuff from that channel. Again though, make sure your Twitch and Battle.net accounts are linked in the settings.

Watch for 8 hours and you get all the new dva sprays.

The schedule is listed at the bottom

Seagull who? (20characters)

Nope, and I don’t intend to either.

Happens every time there’s an event going on for drops.

People are just trolling, really.

So long as you “watch” the stream (or just have it up) you’ll get the drops.

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To answer your question that nobody is answering, people are spamming !drops because seagull joked that you can get the loot faster than intended by spamming it, and even though he said its not true people are spamming it because twitch chat is made of trolls

I’m sad that Emongg isn’t on the list :frowning:

Or even kabaji. he’s fun to watch.

You can watch any participating stream throughout the event, there are no specific dates as to when drops occur. It’s just a guaranteed schedule of when streamers will be online.


He’s a recently-retired pro player who used to be on the Dallas Fuel.

Probably the biggest Overwatch streamer (neck and neck with xQc) now that he’s back to streaming full-time. IMO he’s a lot of fun to watch. He keeps things positive and competitive, and he has a pretty huge hero pool so it’s not just one or two heroes the whole stream.

Also, OP, you have just about two weeks to watch eight total hours of participating streams. IMO, that’s plenty of time. You can always just leave the stream on in the background and you’ll get all the sprays before you know it.

I gotta be honest not a huge fan of what I’ve seen so far. If this is top tier streamer I’ll stick to the nobodies I normally watch. I joined the stream to an Axe body spray commercial. He spent maybe 2 minutes showing off the sprays and then ran another one.

Never mind the normal twitch pop ups and interruptions as people donate or what ever. I just think they E-Beg far to much. Strangely the more popular they are the more they seem to ask for money…