Who Else Is Playing On A Potato?


Just curious to see how many of us are (unfortunately) unable to upgrade our gaming setup and have to play OW on the lowest settings. Hopefully one day I’m going to win the lottery and purchase a solid computer. :sweat_smile:


I have a very powerful computer and I still play on the lowest settings. So do the pros.



Good for you! But, why don’t you play on the highest settings? From what I’ve seen on YouTube the game is stunning!


Whenever I play the PC version, I have to use the lowest settings, otherwise the framerate would be abysmal. The game looks surprisingly good even on the potato settings. Only wish I could use v-sync without getting somewhat jarring fps drops. ;I


Read my guide. To keep things simple, I am squeezing out the maximum frame rate and the lowest possible input response rate I can get.


I used to play on a potato. 50% render 20 fps. Still managed to somehow place 2.3k for my first placement, it was so bad my accuracy on Ana was 44%. The moment I ugpraded my pc my accuracy went up to 70-80% and I climbed to plat lol.

Still I value my time on my potato, it taught me gamesense and value of high fps (graphics really don’t matter to me anymore) :joy:


Thanks for sharing, I’m going to give it a read! :slightly_smiling_face:


I went from an old 4770k and 460 twin on 6gb of slow ram to a 8700k, 32gb vengeance ram, and a 970 (still upgrading).

Still play on low 1080p, just is what I’m used to. 10 years of playing on potato pc’s wears on ya! Rather have high framerates than pretty graphics anymore.


me too. its sad that we have a powerhouse but we still have to play with 2004 graphics.


Also, there are a few fun segments during Overwatch League called “Game/Set” where they interview pro players about their gaming setups. Very insightful:


Is it a russet, or a sweet potato?


I used to have a computer like this
Amd FX Quad-core (equivalent to a low-end i5)
AMD R7 200 series graphics card.
Garbage. Got rendering device lost error and 40 FPS on the very lowest settings. Now I have an overclocked i7-8700K and a GTX 1080 and I almost went into shock the first time playing on it.


Wow, awesome! I’m actually playing OW on a laptop that is connected to an external monitor. :joy:


Does the laptop have a dedicated graphics card? What CPU?


I play on a dell laptop and I try to main widow but it just fwajoh,owfjujru.w,haufpj.iua.wjfuiawkjfij


I’m playing a potato called xbox one


welp, console lmao. Too bad upgrading a console or getting higher FPS is impossible.


yeah it’s pretty bad I would switch to PC but I don’t have the money for a nice one


i had to save for years for mine, I played on a trash 300$ one in the meantime.
Now I have a 2000$ PC that I saved up for by myself, and I’m pretty proud of it.
i know having low specs sucks, but save during it and it will be worth it, trust me


Well, this build is always a respectable performance at a lower price.