Who else actually LIKES the hero bans?

and i like this week bans
support players always complained about DPS (because they were killing them) to get banned… while support denies impact of DPS heroes and ‘thats fine’ … now its time to take some of their own medicine

week will end, bans will change, screetching will go away till next supp bans

I’m looking forward to not having to play Rein. He feels disgusting to play right now because of how oppressively strong he is compared to the other tanks. (Or other tanks are too incredibly weak by comparison.)

i honestly dont care what they think. i can throw all my games and say, hey im trying to have fun. that shouldnt mean its justified that i not get banned.

do u not know what soft throwing is???

saying something and doing something are 2 different things. i know ur a console player and all trying to get ur hopes up for getting rid of smurfs but u have to be real. it’s been 3 almost 4 years… u still think they are really trying to fix a smurf problem? and fyi, that’s a microsoft/sony problem. not blizzard. they can’t do anything about that.
u have to at least know what bs looks like to keep the community happy. what do u expect him to say really. u want him to piss the console crowd off lol.

its just other tank heroes are super weak. it super easy to win against him. just go shield break and u win. i usually just go soldier and play like a support and just shield break all game.
like it was possible to shield break in double shield meta (just people didn’t want to focus it) so it takes like 3-4 secs to break a rein shield.
like idk, i use to be a tank main so i know how to abuse all the tanks. they all suck man.

Been playing lot of Hog,Ball, Monky this week and having a blast. No Rein to hide behind, no ana thats anoying people with darts and nades.

Genji is a viable hero choice this week (unless his opposition picks Mei and monkey) so I guess it’s good because this is what the people want?

I for one will play Brigitte until I get oppressed by Genji and tracer players.

I’ve been having so much fun with hero bans. Who thought zenyatta would be playable for a week In 2020, It amazes me how stupid strong discord and focus fire can be. Without rein, mei is pretty useless which opens up the door for orisa + hog, orisa + dva and ANY dive tanks. This has been the most enjoyable few days of overwatch since like 2017.

And this is different from the norm of what most people’s interactions with one tricks are(including my own). I’ve played with so many widows, tracers, and genjis that just get annihilated and refuse to even alter their play style let alone their hero choice. I know it’s not true for all of them but they always seem to never treat their actions in game like they have consequences and ignore the teambased gameplay until it’s convenient for them and flame the tanks, damage, or supports(whichever one they are not playing as). I know that this isn’t exclusive to one tricks but they always seem to do it more from my experience and plenty of others experience as well as I have talked to many friends and other people on different forums.

Ahhhh. Hero bans. <3

I love that they banned Moira. Ana is questionable but after seeing the reaction to 2 support being banned, it’s worth it.

I’ll give you one guess what i think

I do I just wait the best ban ever : hog, reaper, mc cree, ana …
If this combo exists it will be paradise for me