Who are the top 3 buggiest heroes?

Err can’t say.

Ashe has those hitreg bugs that are quite nasty.

Sombra still has a few I think.

They tried to increase the inner circle on his ultimate.

It got bugged and us actually half a meter smaller than it was before.

  1. mei

  2. doom

  3. junkrat

I tried out a lot of different heroes, and most of the bug heroes came down to latency.
In my experience, Mei took the top spot.
There was one time I killed myself with her wall. HER WALL, no cliff at all, just used the wall and I died. My latency is pretty good in game.

But they made the inner circle smaller as a nerf, right?

I see a lot of replies with Mei in it.
Maybe I should make a full list of Mei bugs with video proof and such. Might take some time though.

yeah look at this

this has been so for a long time but what ever

They tried to increase it from 1.5 meters to 2.0 meters, but it is bugged and decreased to 1.0 meters.

The intended nerf was for the outer circle to deal 200 damage instead of 300.

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Reinhart spaghettis code ultimite.
Doomfist rocket punch was broke.
D-va Meka was very lagging before.
Hog hook 2.0

Sorry, I misread it.
I though it was decreased not increased.

They should definitely fix this.

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I’m talking about the current state of the game.

Who are the top 3 buggies heroes currently?

Hammond some time when he get’s pinned be Rein he lags.(very rare)

It’s gotta be Road, Doom, and Rein.
Ghost hooks, floaty punches, and vacuum charges are all too common.

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Not only that the SS not registering is back and instead of pulling targets towards you, it has a chance to boop them all over the place instead.

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I’d say Mei.

She doesn’t get credit if her freeze gets environmental kills, her ice wall can destroy friendly versions of the enemy objects it can destroy (Orisa supercharger, Hammond mines, widowmaker mine, etc.) additionally if it does destroy supercharger it doesn’t show in kill feed AT ALL, even like how it does when the payload destroys it.

I’ve also had some weird interactions lately, like people killing me through my ice wall. So yeah, the more I play mei I’d say mei

I can’t speak for every character nor can I say Sombra is the buggiest but there are still quiet a few bugs that pop up often for me.

  1. Using your translocator, having the throw animation play but you don’t actually throw it.

  2. if you hold E for a milisecond too long than you’ll translocate prematurely.

  3. going out of cloak at random without a cooldown.

Probably Rein, Doomfist and Sombra

Rein has always been the most buggy of all the heroes. All the rest of them seem to get bug fixes or play in ways where a bug only shows up here or there. It’s rare that one comes into play for almost every single move they do.
So Rein #1 and so far ahead of everyone else you can’t even see them, and then #2 and #3 on the list shifts around all the time.

but for Rein all sort of strange stuff has always happened.
His charge works on some stair/curbs but not others and you will be stopped 100% cold like you just hit a wall, not a pebble. His hammer had bugs for a while with connecting. Then we had a sound bug for hammer hits for a chunk of time.
His shatter had issue with corners and doors (still dislikes doors). Then it was up some stairs but not others and issue of height.
His charge will pull players in that he seemed to miss but then you turn around and bounce others away. Charge a sleeping person on the ground and watch them just bounce off, even when not moving.

Even now if you charge certain areas of the map and hit a wall, your view point goes straight up in to the air.
I’m going to guess his over all programing, for what his role and abilities are in game, is just not that easy to nail down.


Rein, Doomfist, Mei. Poor things are riddled with them.

Could also add Sombra to that.