While the PTR is live, please try to test these changes

What’s the point of providing PTR feedback when it’s explicitly ignored? PTR is a waste of time.

That means it will waste two bullets? Or just the animation?

I don’t see it as a waste of bullets. He would use both shot guns at the same time, doing double the damage on one single “shot”.

The downside is that rate of fire would go up. Seems like a good tradeoff.

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I meant use 2 ammo bullets instead of 1, for a stronger shot

Yeah, I guess it would use 2 bullets :slight_smile:


Sounds fair to me. He already has several reload mechanics to help him out with that.

It doesn’t have to be available all the time. Maybe it could only happen for the last 2 bullets, or make it happen after landing a successful shot.

I highly doubt the devs would even think of putting any of that in the PTR.
I think they’re all pretty amazing ideas.
One can dream though… sigh.

20%? Lol. Why bother?

His break even for ult charge opportunity is 50%, so my suggestion is to hop right to 60%.

People actively use enemy Roadhogs to farm ult charge in order to get picks and win teamfights. As long as he generates enough ult charge to singlehandedly lose his team the game on his own, he’s essentially a throw pick.

I mean, we’re talking about a tank that needs another tank to create space for him so he can do his job properly as the only actual way to safely use him right now is to play a rein or an orisa so that he has barrier to hide behind.

He should be enabling play. He shouldn’t need to be enabled.

Roadhog is a tank that creates space at the expense of the ult economy. He’s not in a good place despite being able to get work done.

Hog does need a passive…of some sort. Whether that is less ult charge given, who knows. shrugface

I also thought about a passive that nullifies freeze. This way, he can’t be locked into “free ult charge” mode by Mei and nearby allies of said Mei.

Reaper abilities sound nice.
Sombra abilities sound nice.
Ana passives sound nice.

McCree really needs a speedboost during his ult, or a dimmer so he doesn’t shine so bright. Man, he hurts my eye. (Joking of course. He is just so…noticeable.)

Mei needs to be able to skate on her ice if it’s on the ground. She can get vertically really quickly with her icewalls but…well, you know. Just wishful thinking on my part.

Eh, I disagree. Reaper’s problem isn’t that he’s weak, because he’s not.

His problem is that he doesn’t really have a tank that’s really designed to initiate for him that’s viable. The closest thing he has is Roadhog, but one hook every 8 seconds is just wasting Reaper’s potential.

Reaper needs someone who can rapidly displace reaper to advantageous positions without enough warning to always pre-disable him through positioning.

Talon needs a tank.


Unsure how a range buff will help mccree on most maps.

Oh I forgot to mention only for her rifle lol

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  • Allies can now see armor packs thru walls. (just like Sombras hacked health packs)

Well there’s the obvious fixes to New Sym:

  • Sym turrets reverted to 6, turret health further increased by 10 points, turret travel speed increased by 10%, turret cooldown reduced to 8 per turret.
  • Primary fire animation reverted to original animation. (so it’s still a straight line for the hitbox, just so that it doesn’t look like a bugged out mercy beam until you hit something. Giving it fake-lock-on like what moira has would also be nice)

While I have many problems with the sym rework, these are two things that need to be fixed if she’s going to stay like this.
The animation for her primary fire is dreadful, which is inexcusable when they already had a perfectly good animation before (same goes for the new visual effects on her orbs and her turret beams, they didn’t need changing and now they just look garish).
And the turrets being reduced to 3 is just absurd and a very uncalled for nerf to their strategic usefulness, further, their health and travel speed are too low to survive deployment, and to top it all off their cooldowns are still way too long to ever use them reliably. Frankly these are what I consider the minimum buffs they need. (and yes I would be totally okay with a nerf to their damage and to syms new primary damage to get these buffs. Very, very okay)

Brigitte’s Rally could use some tweaking:

  • Brigitte Rally armour is applied at a rate of 25 per tick instead of 15. (Also duration of rally slightly reduced to compensate, by like 2 seconds)

This is mostly because now that Rally armour only stacks to 100 instead of 150, the ult is so much weaker and it’s in battle application has been made less valuable, the armour stacking a little quicker would really help it’s use mid battle.

  • (I also wouldn’t be opposed to slight reduction to the speed buff she gets in rally, just so it’s a little easier for her team to keep up)

This is just my opinion from playing with as and against brig a lot in comp, the speed increase is just that little bit too much. If not a small reduction to the speed boost, a small increase to the AoE of Rally would serve a similar purpose. It just depends whether you think she needs another buff here or a small nerf.

Those are my main bug bears right now, stuff that could be easily adjusted to make things way better.

Small changes like that I like a lot

Symmetra feels good on the ptr, to play with and against. I won’t be adding Symmetra changes until we get her stats.

Noah Fence, but you have clearly either not played her on PTR, or you never played her before. The animations are all messes, the TP has as many bugs as reinhardt, and the turrets are a very unfunny joke.

Just because the devs made a change doesn’t mean it’s good, and you don’t have to praise them for doing something wrong.

No but I played with her and against her.

probably will get fixed

well bugs get fixed, its not the main point of the thread or a excuse to buff her

they actually do similar damage, if not more damage, compared to the old turrets.

when did I ever praise them? I just said that we need to wait to until we her stats and then we can decide if she is too weak or not. I will be doing the same for Orisa and DF.

You’re over reacting because of a simple reply

I main Sym and i think shes amazing on the PTR i agree her primary animation hurts my eyes cause i can be shooting the air above someones shoulder with the beam and its still doing damage, the TP is amazing just needs fixes to not implode in certain instances, her turrets are amazing now.

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