While the PTR is live, please try to test these changes

making a community list of hero changes the community wants to see on the PTR, while its live

I am making this thread so the developers can look for more changes to put on the PTR, as they just did with McCree

Community changes:

Share your ideas on this page if you want to add them to the list :slightly_smiling_face:

Sidenote: I won’t add Symmetra/DF/Orisa Balance changes for now until we have a clear picture of where they are at.


“Ok guys, lets nerf genji’s shurikens damage from 28 to 25. This will make it so that his dps is barely higher than moira’s.

Then lets put deflect on a 10 seccond cooldown instead of an 8 seccond cooldown.”

signed: a salt shaker

Seriously though, they should give reaper a seccondary fire just like roadhogs, or make shadowstep take 1 seccond instead of 2.


pretty sure Shadowstep is actually 2.5 seconds, but I will add it anyway

Its worse than we thought…

Gimme the Hog buff

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Which is?

The ability suggested, like the Roadhog said,

The ability to not get your supports ult wiped, as roadhog, counts as a buff.

Well yeah. Also thinking about it, the matchups against Tracer would be easier

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  • Spread reduced to 10 (from 20.5)
  • Pellet damage increased to 14-5 (from 7-2)
  • Pellets per shot reduced to 10 (from 20)


  • Spread reduced to 10 (from 20.5)

Note: The next widest spread is D.Va and Torb alt fire (4.15)

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I want to see an Ana buff that reloads her and her target’s ammo when she pops her Nano Boost.

This would help Nano Boost be used more reactively and make sure that Ana has enough ammo to support her Nano Boosted teammate and that her teammate won’t be wasting precious Nano Boost time by reloading too soon. This would help her make the most of her ultimate. It’d be small, but at least her ultimate would finally provide some benefit to Ana (she’s the only hero who doesn’t have any kind of self-buff on her ultimate). It would also help her ultimate feel less overshadowed by Valkyrie and Supercharger. It needs something extra to set it further apart in my opinion.

And if she still needs a buff after that, I’d argue for an increased Nano Boost duration (10 seconds seems fair) or a cooldown reset component tied to her ultimate as well.

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Give Ana a passive that will heal her 20% of what she heals an ally and if she’s at full health, allies around the targeted ally within 5 meters will be healed 15% of what she heals her target

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Even just a passive that heals her when she heals a teammate would do wonders for her.

I’d tack that onto Biotic Rifle only, since Biotic Grenade doesn’t really need a buff. I also disagree about the AoE; she’s a sniper, she’s supposed to be focused on one target at a time.

As for Hog, I would tighten his spread up a bit, so he can consistently one-shot 200 HP heroes again.

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Yeah I think the AoE would be too much. And I agree that the passive should only apply to Biotic Rifle. Since her grenade has a heal boost, I think the passive should be closer to 15% to prevent it from being too strong. Ana shouldn’t get free heals, she should have to be pumping out a lot of healing to heal herself up. And if it proves too weak, they could always increase it.

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I actually don’t think this should be done. its a weakness of all heroes with big bodies. Why should Hog get special treatment?

I could see tightening his spread just a tad or maybe doing something with his right click

Because he doesn’t have a barrier, defense matrix, or bubble. It’s more of a weakness on Roadhog than it is on the other tanks.

I’m not entirely sure it should be done, but I think it is worth testing. I do think 20% less charge might be a better starting point, though.

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  • sugar skull icon appears above hacked enemies
  • having a hack active on an enemy reduces weapon spread by 15%. Effect can stack
  • hacked enemies receive 25% less healing
  • hacked medkit duration reduced by 60%, but they can be moved to a new position once, within 20m of its original position (click RMB again to choose location)
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Updated! Added 4 new ideas.

because he is a fat battery, and also because he has no way to not give the enemy ult charge likes the other tanks

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They haven’t put the skull icon over hacked enemies heads already? That’s absurd. I thought they would have done that by now.

I would have him shoot both of his shotguns at the same time.

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