Which of these Bastion buff ideas do you hate the most? Least?


Sentry Gun Laser Sight

Just as Lucio kept his song-circles to help teammates know where to stand to enjoy his speed boosts or healing, Bastion’s Sentry Gun should have a laser pointer to inform his teammates (but not his enemies) where his gun is aimed so that they know where they can expect his fire-support.

The safest place for Bastion to be is behind his allies and as high off the ground as possible, so the frontline can easily fail to realize where their Bastion is and what line of sight the Bastion can use to support them.

A laser pointer in Sentry Mode would help them to recognize when engaging an enemy team around a corner will leave them without a Bastion’s fire-support.



Reduce the speed at which the Recon Rifle’s bloom expands, and/or increase the speed at which it recovers. If Bastion is supposed to have any reliable long-range weapon, and this is supposed to be Bastion’s only reliable long-range weapon, then it needs to actually be reliable. Between its inaccuracy and Bastion’s large hit-box, Bastion still wants to avoid using it, since there’s no duel at any range which he can win in Recon.

And if Bastion isn’t supposed to have a reliable long-range weapon, then he needs one of the other proposed buffs.



If the Sentry Gun and Recon Rifle aren’t going to be made any more reliable at long range, then consider replacing the rifle with a shotgun that gives him more self-defense at close-range.

BUFF RECON/SENTRY (Mobility and Positioning)


As a cool-down E ability in Recon Mode: Bastion transforms his legs into his tank treads, allowing him faster horizontal movement and the possibility of making farther jumps.

Either way, Bastion gains a little more ability to safely and quickly traverse the map, as well as to reach better firing positions for Sentry Mode, while still being less mobile than the other Defense heroes. This ability might also work in Tank Mode, or else Tank Mode might get a passive buff to speed.


As a cool-down E ability in Recon Mode: Bastion climbs walls at half the speed of Genji or Hanzo, or fires grappling wires like Widowmaker which fly out just as fast, but which reel him up at half speed or less.

Either way, Bastion gains a little more ability to safely and quickly traverse the map, as well as to reach better firing positions for Sentry Mode, while still being less mobile than the other Defense heroes. This ability might also work in Tank Mode.

BUFF SENTRY (Resistance)


As a cool-down E ability with short duration: in Sentry Mode, Bastion applies anchors to the ground which prevent him from being moved from that position or knocked out of Sentry form by abilities like Halt, Charge, or Hook. The cooldown for this ability doesn’t start until he leaves Sentry Mode.

This buff could be packaged together with the grapple-wire idea proposed for Vertical Mobility.

Extremely Weak Shield

Give Bastion’s Sentry Mode an even more limited version of Zarya’s shield as an E Ability. He cannot fire while using it. It can only recharge in Recon Form. It has a short duration, and only protects from the front.

Can protect against Charges, Hooks, and explosives like Pulse Bombs, Helix Rockets, and Pharah primary shots. He can still heal or shoot while using it.



As an E Ability that doesn’t go on cooldown until Bastion leaves Sentry Form. Either something quick like Soldier:76’s Helix Rockets or slow like D.Va’s Micro-Rockets, but either way, it gives Bastion back some of the linear, long-range killing power he lost.


As an E Ability that doesn’t go on cooldown until Bastion leaves Sentry Form. Most similar to Helix Rockets, but trades small AOE explosion for hitscan.

Could possibly have a “kick” powerful enough to knock Bastion back and instantly out of Sentry Mode.



As a way to address complaints that Bastion is “too immobile” for the game that Overwatch evolved into, how about this?

Sentry Turret loses Ironclad but gains the ability to slowly drift around, with no ability to jump. There’s a slight delay before Bastion begins to shoot, as first he needs to stop hovering and drop to the ground (lore-wise) “for the traction needed to handle the Sentry cannon’s recoil”. (This is also the lore reason why Tank Cannon forces Tank Mode to use treads instead of hover machines.)

Hovercraft mode can crouch, which sets Bastion down without needing to shoot, allowing Bastion to shoot immediately upon clicking the Primary Fire button.

This brings Bastion more into line with Orisa and Hammond, who sacrifice speed when they want to shoot at things. It gives Bastion some means of potentially escaping from corner-peaking Hanzos instead of slowly (or quickly) dying without a chance to counter-play.



Apply Ironclad as soon as transformation to Sentry or Tank Mode begins; increase Ironclad percentage for Tank Mode to 30%.


Remove Ironclad, bring back bonus armor that applies as soon as transformation begins; apply lesser armor bonus to Sentry.

BUFF TANK (Toughness)

No Self-Damage

Remove self-damage from Tank Mode shots. This is a minor buff which can be applied together with any other buff on this list.

Bastion’s Tank Mode accuracy beyond short range is horrible, Bastion can’t gain altitude like Pharah and Junkrat, and Junkrat doesn’t even take self-damage from any of his explosives anymore. No one should need to master Rocket Jumping to make an Ultimate somewhat useful.

BUFF TANK (Accuracy)

Projectile or Reticle Size

Increase the hit-box size of Bastion’s tank projectiles to something much larger than a tiny bullet, such that clipping someone or something with the animated projectile will trigger its explosion. Currently, you can miss anything by a hair as the projectile clips through it and keeps sailing far past your target.

Or at the very least, remove the large hexagon around Bastion’s tank-mode reticle – it’s deceptively large and inaccurate.

BUFF TANK (Unpredictability)

Abort Ultimate like McCree

Allow Bastion to end Tank Mode prematurely by pressing Shift to enter Sentry Mode, just as McCree can prematurely end his own Ultimate when he needs a faster firing rate.

Variable Ultimate Duration

Change the duration of Tank Mode so that the Ultimate does not end until Bastion has fired a certain number of shots, so that Bastion may continue to behave like an ambush predator by laying in wait for prey… and allow Bastion to end Tank Mode prematurely by pressing Shift to enter Sentry Mode, just as McCree can end his own Ultimate.

BUFF TANK (Flexibility)

Additional Ultimate Mode: Artillery

Give Bastion’s Ultimate an additional, immobile Mortar Mode as an analogue to Sentry Mode, which fires the explosive shells in an arc that can clear walls and land on roofs, like Junkrat’s primary fire.


Change Bastion's Modes

Remove Tank Mode from the game entirely, make old Sentry Mode into Bastion’s Ultimate, and replace current Sentry Mode with an immobile Mortar Mode that arcs explosive shots over walls and onto roofs, like Junkrat’s primary fire.

Overclock Bastion's Modes

Reduce Tank Mode to a vastly nerfed E Ability reconfiguration with a speed buff. Tank Cannon would be comparable to Pharah’s primary fire, without the advantages afforded by Pharah’s flight.

Bastion’s new Ultimate would instead improve the performance of all of its modes, returning Sentry Mode and Tank Mode to their former glory for a short time and making the Recon Rifle better as well.



Revert Sentry Mode to its old bloom and restore its headshot ability. Reward Bastion players for having good aim.


favorite is the no self damage on the tank. but let’s keep buffing that ult. its hpt garbage right now. give him more armor bars when in tank mode. it’s rediculous right now.

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Bastion is tricky to buff. He’s already pretty powerful but is team dependent. I don’t know if number tweaks would solve his issues. Personally I think he needs a knock back ability for sentry and tank mode.

I’ve been enjoying heroes of the storm and Sgt Hammer is fairly similar to Bastion in that she requires setting up to get max value. A vital skill for her is the concussive shot. It’s a knock back ability to push divers away so she can run.

Bastion could use something similar to push away targets diving him. Either that of some kind of deploy able shield to adsorb some damage while transforming or to take some burst while being able to keep firing. Perhaps some kind of ability he could active to boost ironclad while in tank or sentry?

As for your ideas my favorite is no tank damage and my least favorite is anti CC.

This can’t be true, or else Overwatch League teams would take advantage of Bastion by having one Bastion-specialist and use their teamwork to make up for Bastion’s weaknesses.

Since they don’t do that except to briefly surprise or troll each other, Bastion isn’t actually all that powerful.

Furthermore, making him less team-dependent would encourage Bastion players to play more independently, rather than always trying to hide behind shields. Teams with Bastions would allow those Bastions to play independently, rather than feeling forced to pick shield-tanks and baby-sit the Bastion.

Oh, I guess you might want to read the “Railgun” option underneath the BUFF SENTRY (DPS) category.

That sounds like the Extremely Weak Shield option under BUFF SENTRY (Resistance).

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You could just give him a railgun that is basically a single shot from his tank gun. Now you have vertical mobility if you’re good at rocket jumping and still having the burst damage. It would especially help in recon.

I am in favor of a railgun in all modes
The major rework with the overclock/tank on E

Obviously he’s not powerful enough in the rank where teamwork is the most powerful strat considering his play and winrate is slowly going down in GM

I just want old sentry back with reduced spread and headshots. Thats all I need to enjoy playing him again. He is not playable but at least fun and rewarding if you know how to use him.

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Added a new option to the list; it is now second.

“Replace the recon rifle with a shotgun. If Bastion isn’t allowed to have any reliable long-range firepower, then at least give him more short-range self-defense ability.”

I’d like to see tank become his E ability on a 30 second cooldown. The damage of the rockets would decrease obviously to at least 50% of their current damage. But during tank form (which lasts, i dunno, 6-8 seconds), Bastion has a steady self heal and his movement speed increased 10-20%.

Change his ult to a tactical nuke that operates in the same way as Doomfist’s (minus the big black man falling out of the sky). This would give him an effective ult in the way of area of effect / area denial.

Take away his self healing on right click as it wont be needed. Or leave it? Who knows. Maybe give him grenades like junkrat but limit the clip to 2 for close range effectiveness. These are my ideas.

I’ve added a Quality of Life buff to the top of the list and a Hovercraft rework idea to the Sentry Mode section.

Regarding the auto-heal:

I don’t like how Tank Mode needs so many secondary skills to make viable, but I wouldn’t want to take away from those Bastion players who have learned the skill of alternating Self-Repair with the tank shots.

But then, I don’t know that I like the game requiring players to learn how to animation-cancel just to succeed at using an Ultimate, anymore than I like the idea of forcing players to learn how to rocket-jump with a character that normally doesn’t have any ability to rocket-jump.

Bastion is an extremely linear, line-of-sight hero. Junkrat is the ultimate indirect, out-of-sight hero of the game.

I don’t think making Bastion more like Junkrat is the answer, especially as indirect fire would take away too much of the risk Bastion faces for setting up as an immobile turret.

Bastion is supposed to stake his life on line-of-sight exchanges of fire, and be defeated by people attacking him from angles he can’t counter, or surprising him with flanking attacks.