Which hero goes with this song?



I would’ve to say Ashe, McCree or Reaper. Maybe even Genji.

No… now I know… Emo-skin that-no one-uses Zarya!!! :joy::joy::joy:


This punk gang!


interesting u say genji. especially for a song like this lol.


I love it! I just saw The Distillers a couple weeks ago. It was my first concert in 10 years.


When I hear this song I just immediately see Sojourn!


I am now using this as my wallpaper. Friggen love it.


Taco deserves full credit for bringing this to our attention. I love it too and saved it ASAP.


I’m giving Taco a bombin’ burrito after this.


Lots of Japanese Ninjas and Assassins are more into this, I would assume :joy::joy: