Which characters are most likely gay

Two of them are though.
Fictional characters can be gay wow


Why does it even matter who is and who isn’t, jesus christ.
It has no impact on the game and you’re free to headcanon your way to your own gay paradise.


And if they are written as gay in that fiction then they are gay.
It’s like saying Winston isn’t a gorilla or Zarya doesn’t have pink hair because they are fictional


Use the story section.

Everyone asks for more gay heroes but forgets Bastion is literally Non binary :pensive:

Literally no one thinks that it does.


If you don’t care, don’t participate in the thread


Then why does it matter who’s gay and who isn’t? If it doesn’t effect the game and you have all the freedom with headcanons, why do people need certain heroes to be gay in game?

Sprays and a few posters in the maps show a lot of human-omnic relationships.They do have a sexual preference apparently

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Winston would need to exist to be a gorilla.
He’s a drawing of a gorilla.

I asked a question related to the topic. I have all the rights to post. :man_shrugging:

It doesn’t. That doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it, though. 90% of the threads on these forums don’t matter, who cares?

They don’t. It’s just a silly topic. It’s not that deep.

He’s actually a 3D render of a gorilla if you insist on being a pedant.


It’s lore stuff,of course it doesn’t impact gameplay.

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It is strange that people sit around and think about video game characters sexual orientation at all (gay or straight).

This must be a generational thing because it really surprises me that people must be so lonely that they latch onto the meaningless things and try to assign meaning to it.


Dont know, dont care. I dont know why people are obsessed with characters sexuality in this game.


Some people actually take it very seriously, just look at the monthly “WE NEED insert certain sexuality IN THE GAME”

Lore is literally Overwatch’s weakest point and as I stated before, you have the freedom of headcanons. So it doesn’t really matter eitherway.

All comes down to validation tbh.

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do you mean underestimating?


From what i know – Symmetra is an a LGBT icon. I’m not saying all Sym players are gay – just that she’s really popular in the LGBT community.

I even once saw a thread here right after Soldier’s sexuality reveal with someone saying that he/she is gay and doesnt care about Soldier or Tracer but that all his/her lgbt friends want Sym to be gay cuz she is the lgbt icon of this game (or smth like that).

imigine demanding a character in a game to be of a certain sexuality. this is beyond absurd for me