Wheres total mahem

Geez, they really don’t want people to have fun huh.


There’s about a dozen reasons why using custom games to host total mayhem won’t work. Unless you literally have 11 close friends all at your skill level who won’t leave, custom games are basically useless for anything that isnt one of about 4 different really niche game modes like widow HS-only.


Custom games aren’t massively visible as the arcade. And they don’t give lootboxes every 3 victories for the week. Plus I’ve seen plenty of “500% ult” modes and people REALLY muck it up, making total mayhem balanced and fun is too delicate for anyone to do it and the customization is lenghty and discouraging. Nobody EVER complained of total mayhem, so whats with the arbitrary stupidity in Blizzard?


Actually there has been lots of complaints of the mode in these forums in the past. Just like any other game mode. My goal here is just to remind players the options they currently have to enjoy Overwatch as they see fit.

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Well people who complain of TM can just…NOT PLAY IT! There are a total of FIVE modes in the arcade precisely for that reason, don’t like x mode? Y mode is right there too. Blizzard have one fatal flaw: they can’t deal with complaints. They either overblow the source and drasticaly make it worse or they ignore it until people learn how to make the problem a feature and when we are used to it, they replace it with ANOTHER source of complaints. Its always one drastic change after the other and never a step back to analize what went wrong and find the middle ground.


In total, there are over 20 known arcade brawls (many of them retired, not counting seasonal event brawls, or arcade Competitive varients)

Known Retired of the top of my head

  • Super Shimada Bros.
  • We are all Soliders Now
  • Charge!
  • This is Ilios!
  • Suports Only
  • Tanks Only
  • Offense Only
  • Defense Only
  • Female Heroes only
  • Male Heroes only
  • Limited Duel
  • Classic Elimination 3v3

Modes not retired

  • Deathmatch FFA - MOST POPULAR
  • Deathmatch FFA Chateau Only
  • Deathmatch FFA Petra Only
  • Mystery Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Capture-The-Flag
  • Mystery Heroes
  • Mystery Duel
  • Limited Duel 3v3
  • Limited Duel 6v6
  • Low Gravity
  • No Limits - Sparingly appears mostly for testing purposes of a new hero

The development team does track which modes are the most popular and for the most part, these are the modes that provide a competitive playing field using the heroes at their normal abilities and not so much of the corny niche ones. Total Mayhem was the original weekly brawl (and the mode was called “Arcade” back then before the Arcade came out) and yes it is corny fun, but that also makes it not as popular as most other modes.

Realistically, there are only 5 modes at a time for matchmaking purposes. Too many modes at once means longer times to find matches. Total Mayhem has been getting worked down in order to bring newer modes to try. The Anniversary Workshop modes are a great example and its very likely we will see more of those. Again, there is no harm in getting some players together and start up any mode you want in custom games. If you need to find like minded players, try using the Looking-for-Group forums (not the in-game tool) to start building a list of players to add to your friends list and invite.

sigh, i really missed out on fun overwatch.

i know, i can make a custom game. but custom games, arent a community dedicated server. they do not have backfill.


My favorite among those was “This is Ilios!”, Ilios (Well Map only), only Lucio and Roadhog selectable.

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Well, could you guys translate the Mayhem into a workshop code for us? Maybe we could work on a pinned thread for workshop codes that become increasingly popular.

The Total Mayhem is available as a preset in Custom Games (you do not need to create any custom Workshop rules for it) and any Custom Game (whether has Workshop rules or not) can be generated into a share code.

I hope this gives insight to everyone. I am off to bed for the evening.

ah, thanks a lot ^^ and have a good night.

I understand, I’m just saying I miss it. It’s my favorite mode.


Well, then why is Hero Gauntlet added to the rotation when it was a game mode created from the workshop? Shouldn’t that too be in Custom Games? It doesn’t make sense, people are already playing that mode there.


I hate the custom game modes menu and that’s a really crappy non-answer to this issue.


This is a rotten decision, and it feels like a slap in the face to every dedicated Mayhem fan, to have our mode essentially be delegitimized as nothing more than another custom option.

It honestly feels like the Overwatch team doesn’t pay attention to what fans really want sometimes. You might as well shuffle off Low Gravity or No Limits to the Custom Games browser as well for the same reasons.


I’m very sad to hear total mayham is being retired. It was a game mode I enjoyed, tho I think I know why their retiring it. Maybe the meta of total mayham got stale. If you didn’t have a Winsten, Dva, Sambra, and Lucio on heals, you basicly lost if the other team had them and yours didn’t. Emp combos all day for easy wins. The dev probably don’t have the time to balance specifically for the mode, or maybe the people that worked on the mode got laid off.

I’m sad to see it go regardless.


So does this mean it’s been retired from Arcade, then? If you have that info.

I don’t think it is entirely retired yet. Just that Kaplan pretty well has said they want to wind it down. It has not shown up for several weeks though as many have noted here.

Yep, it’s my favorite so I’ve noticed too lol. Thanks for replying so fast.

The absence of Mayhem as a regular mode will decrease my enjoyment of the game by about 85%. This would make me very sad.