Where's the Sym buffs (They did it!)

There are more options than those two.

Sometimes things favour different skillsets, If someone lacks the skills required to do something they are unlikely to do it very often if at all.

Just because someone is a higher rank with a particular hero doesn’t mean they are equally good with all heroes or that they have all skillsets at a high level.

Heroes require different levels of positioning where as some can make mistakes and hit their “Whoopsie” button and have that mistake undone and still do well.
If they didn’t have the ability to do that with their preferred hero their rank would be a lot lower.

Other players can brute force their way forward by aiming faster, Reacting faster.

Also worth mentioning is not all high ranked players are able to shot call, Some have to follow others because they cannot think in the way required.

High rank does not mean high skilled in every possible way.
It is very important to understand this point because if something requires intelligence some people are just not going to be capable regardless of how well they play with some other hero and regardless of their 95% accuracy.

Symmetra has a skillset that isn’t going to work for everyone, If you can’t see any value in being able to force the enemy to reposition or splitting a fight by using her ultimate you are not going to get value out of her ultimate, Ultimates are a big part of this game.

Low pick rate does not necessarily mean boring or awful, It can also be “I am personally not good with it so I personally wont use it”

Such mental gymnastics. I’m sorry but no, pro players are better than you and me in every possible metric you can come up with, and don’t pick sym because she is never the best choice in any situation.

Also, every hero has a skill set that won’t work for everyone because just like you said, fun is subjective and people climb using different skills. But no one reaches pro level without having every skill at a top 500 or better level. So yes, when they say sym is broken and needs a MAJOR change I trust them. Not random forum dwellers like you and I.

It is hardly mental gymnastics but that’s fine if you choose to disagree and believe pros can pick up any hero and instantly perform then that’s fine I have no reason to continue this discussion.

I have stated that pros use metas and use things they have practiced because they often want to play their best at the highest level they can.

Dafran used Torb in Overwatch league because he has practiced the hero.
I would have to check to be sure but I don’t imagine Torb is used very often by other pros who have not practiced him.
It is a perfect example of a hero being good if the pro has practiced and not as good if they haven’t.

Pros still require practice just like everyone else.

You can believe who ever you like and what ever you like that’s totally fine but I am going to turn off notifications for this thread because I don’t like wasting my time.

This is them telling you “Are you happy now? you can shut up now Sym mains” basically.