Where's the Sym buffs (They did it!)

Um, go to the subreddit. There you will find where everyone thinks she needs buffs. Also Stevo did say she needs buffs. Also, I’m a high ranked Sym, so therefore I say she needs buffs… Oh wow what power I must have now.

It’s obvious she needs buffs and you mindlessly trying to say she’s fine when the stats say otherwise and 99% of her players say otherwise and all the pro’s that actually play her say otherwise just make dealing with you irritating.


I was arguing there today actually. Raihan replied to me with this:

“You aren’t going to reach any agreement with those kinds of Sym players. I’ve been saying that Sym is good literally from the beginning of the rework to the caucus of disagreement coming from this sub. The fundamental problem is that Sym 2.0 had a low skill ceiling and was extremely easy to generate value in game with, while Sym 3.0 is the opposite hero in many ways. Reactive to proactive. Passive to aggressive. Support to DPS.

I would say that the majority of Sym mains right now only play Sym as a holdover from 2.0 and not because the current Sym fits their playstyle. It sucks that Blizzard so drastically changed an iconic hero in terms of playstyle, difficulty, and skill ceiling, but it is what it is.

If you want everyone to be satisfied they’ll have to reinvent their Sym playstyle which a lot of people don’t even know how to do, without mentioning the difficulty of changing.”

And here you are again doing what I’m trying to tell you over and over. Yes, I agree she can do amazing things. In fact I think she’s very underutilized by the community and really slept on. Which is why I still play her and carry games with her. She is a dps, she can deal huge amounts of dmg in the right scenarios.

She has so much potential, even now in her state, I know.
This does not change the fact however, that she is suffering from a clunky kit. That when compared to the other hero’s in the game, she’s underpowered.

She needs buffs, and definitely does not need any nerfs to her. She has bugs, and practical design flaws. She has to try 3 times harder to secure 1 kill that other dps just don’t. She struggles from being very easy to kill.

The things I just said does not mean she can;t do anything. She can melt tanks, she can do teamkills, her ult can single handily win the fights… But she’s still underpowered. I just don’t know how else to say it.

She’s for sure better then people think though. But she does have legitimate problems that make people not want to take the time to learn.

Kind of like how Sombra is actually really good, but people who are bad at her will never realize it until they get farmed by a good one. Yet that girl still just got a buff on the ptr. And she’s amazing in the right hands.

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“We know we’re unintentionally nerfing symm. Do we really give a F about symm and her players, especially those we screwed with her rework due to accessibility? Nah.”

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The really, really crappy part here is no word from jeff, Geoff or even a moderator on why this didn’t include some kind of buff for Sym… I mean, if there is a really good reason, say so… I personally think they will do something, but it just didn’t make it in yet…

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Those weren’t my words, but he did a better job encapsulating what I mean when I just crudely say the majority of people don’t know how to play her well. I agree with what he’s said.

Clunky is relative. The parts you probably consider clunky (like TP placement) can be ironed out through practice.

Have you met Sombra? Or DF vs anything with mobility? Is it harder than a few other heroes? Sure, but she isn’t designed the same way as other heroes.

You’re kinda contradicting what you’re saying.

Sombra has the opposite issue of Sym. Syms utility is difficult to utilize in ladder a lot of the time, but her boatload of damage allows her to net kills easily. Sombra, however, has very simple and easy to capitalize on utility (and amazing mobility), but her ability as a DPS is absolutely piss poor and she struggles to kill anything that isn’t Zen or Torb without his OL.

They’re both support hybrids, but imo, hack by comparison is easier to utilize and more debilitating than a slow, which warrants picking her. She is also an off button for many heroes, which would be valuable in any game tbh.

No… I’m saying she can do things, but not as good as other hero’s. I’m tired of debating this with you, your;e clearly a troll.


Nothing irons out the facts that TP placement is irregular and dependant of the slopes on the map more than your own input. Oh and railings, can’t forget the railings.


Good turret placement is map dependent, her old TP/SG placement was map dependent, etc.

It doesn’t take long to figure out TPs quirks and work around them. People just don’t want to put in the effort.

Also, you can get it over most slopes by just jumping.

What’s funny is the three DPS I do most are Mei, Sym and Sombra currently, and what you say in comparing Sym and Sombra is sooo true. You want to know what struggling to get elims and damage out without dying is like go Sombra instead of Sym… Sombra can make some incredible impacts on games but no one sees it… and you get attitude because despite offing that one Widow stopping the team some teammate (like a Moira) will say “Herp derp, whats up DPS, I’m goooolddd” and you know that offing that Widow let the Moira live long enough to get that gold… that is Sombra’s life all to often unless you get very good at throwing the TL around in fights, and just focus on that playstyle. Sym OTOH is very visible about her damage, and when she is doing her Jedi impression with her beam at full damage… everyone knows it… and often the other DPS secretly hate her for doing it too… the dynamic is totally opposite…

And there is waaaay too much bellyaching about the teleporter, like all of Syms kit you just plan your moves out and its usually pretty smooth. The only real problem are idiot teammates who just won’t use it… despite seeing both ends they are like afraid of it or something…

No no no it’s just that 99.999% of us play her wrong. It’s just that 8 months after a rework we still somehow haven’t learned her. It’s just that we all want reverts to 2.0 and miss our autolock ez mode beam. Only ferret, Raihan and Stevo know how to play Sym properly and nobody else has learned yet. Only them. ONLY ferret isn’t too lazy to learn maps apparently.

Has anyone been this delusional idk


Most issues people have with the TP are the bugs, which again, can usually be worked around. I tend not to forget where it destroys itself and just don’t place it in that exact spot. Like, the solutions are that simple.

Not when you’re inside a grav you’re supposed to get out via tp. :’)

“Just don’t get graved on top of slopes 4head”

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Well, it’s not very often you come across 1000+ hour Sym mains. You should probably at least consider the opinions.

I gotta say, for someone who spends their time on the forums lecturing other Sym mains on how they’re playing her wrong and how you’re so right…

What are your credentials? What’s your competitive rank?

Also, armor-beam damage changes buff her sentry damage!

Me: Escapes most gravs

My team: dies

If the Sym escapes, everyone should.

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I’ve already been through that several times, sift through my posts if you’d like. I’m pretty sure I’ve even told you explicitly as well. High enough to make people baby rage about smurfs when I bought this account.

I am not clear on how the math works on that, can you elaborate?

Long to explain (and I am going to bed…)

The beam damage changes are affected by the tic rate of the beam.

If a beam has numerous damage ticks per second it means that it deals damage that number of times by second (despite looking a continous effect).

Winston and Moira weapon has bigger tick rates (numerous low damage imputs by second) than Zarya and Symmetra weapons.
Thus, armor halved winston and Noria damage always.

Because of this, symmetra beam damage was more affected at low charge level (damage halved before) than at level 3 (-3 damage per tick). Now, 20% less dsmage is better than 50% at level 1.