Where's the Sym buffs (They did it!)

Hey also buffed torb like 2 patches too.

Although, it only results in about .17 kill time for 200 armor so it’s not that bad but still…


They explicitly stated they didn’t intend to nerf Sym, it’s just how it happened.

And I’ve been playing on PTR quite a bit and it isn’t even the least bit noticeable tbh.

Really? Because I’ve noticed it. A Rein was being pocketed by an Ana and I couldn’t even get through his armor…

I don’t understand why you don’t want any Sym buffs. You go to every thread defending everything that’s bad with her kit. I love Sym and can do amazing things on her, but you have to be crazy to think that she’s in a decent spot. She’s underpowered for sure.


Oh wow you couldn’t kill through healing from one of the strongest healers in the game. Like really re-read what you said.

Have you ever 1v1’d a Rein as Sym? It is horribly in her favor. If you hit level 2 and he has no armor, he loses. If you’re at level 3 at all, he loses. Do you want that to also be the case and she be capable of just obliterating anything in her path through any amount of healing? If so, add turrets.

Sym mains have been doing that with her since release cause there’s a lot of good. God forbid I continue to do it now that she’s even better than before, right?

Actually, he worded it in a way so that it doesn’t sounds bad. It’s .17 difference when starting at lvl 1.

At lvl 3 it does a whopping 24 less dps. Meaning if your at lvl 3 your going to be doing that much less DMG to all armor. That means Brigs in Rally, or Reins when they drop their shield.

Your feelings are understandable, but really
Torbjorn buff that we asked for
Doomfist buff that we kinda asked for
Ana nerf that we asked for
McCree nerf that we asked for
Orisa buff that we (at least I) asked for
Soldier buff that we asked for
Wrecking ball buff that we asked for
Sombra buff that we didn’t asked for but happy to accept
Widow nerf that we didn’t asked for but happy to accept

New AMAZING hero with new cool mechanics, but skill based and balanced at the same time.

General changes of Knockbacks and Armor.

It’s bad that we didn’t had reaper/junkrat/symmetra changes in that patch, but we have reason for that. Whole thing above.
One - they did a lot this time and i’m not gonna lie they did it great.
Second - with new hero with two completely new game mechanics and a lot of hero balance changes, it is reasonable to leave some questionable heroes that might benefit from changes or new hero (like i clearly see bastion and junkrat being way stronger with Baptiste)

Well I brought it out because it’s not the case on live. Try it yourself. 24 less dps is 100 less DMG in about 4 seconds… And I could definitely notice the Nerf. He wasn’t grenaded btw. Yes I know you can add turrets or whatever, your missing the point. It’s 24 less dps and it’s noticable. A Nerf to a hero that needs help.

Also, there’s a difference in defending a hero that people deam worthless and protesting buffs from an underpowered hero.

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The Widow nerf is odd to me tbh. Realistically, it only impacts Widow in FFA. In the actual game, her dying means Infrasight times out during respawn, so the only people that are penalized by Widow dying with her ult is her teammates.

You are missing the point. Her gun is not her only source of damage. It cannot be amazingly reliable like you want it to be even though by itself at level 3 it is still a monster.

As I’ve already stated before, the buffs suggested in this forum are usually OP, useless, or border on rework when she isn’t in need of a rework. QoL adjustments and bugfixes at best which are likely low priority at the moment.

I’m not going to argue with you. Youre clearly set on your own opinion.

If you don’t like that I’m just stating a fact that her weapon deals 24 less dps and I noticed it. Then ok. I could say so much more but I’m not going to bother.

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Sym can pretty much destroy every single tank in a 1v1 situation except for Hog or a fully charged Zarya, and technically Hammond who can just run.

Idc that it does 24 less damage. Armor is supposed to mitigate damage. It’s doing it’s job, and considering armor has already received several huge nerfs, it’s fine.

well, ult is still good at tracing enemy team movement to catch some sneaky flanker. And widow is not only hero who benefits from knowing which way enemy they go and when exactly they will appear in the line of sight.

Lol. Okay. I’m not going to even bother with you, your opinion is a joke.


There’s a list of 4 or so trolls who pathetically spend their time arguing against Sym buff threads with bs theorycrafting and hypotheticals and its best not to engage with them. Not gonna name names and get banned but:

Mei icon
Default icon
Dva icon
Golden sym icon

^the list of people who died to a turret once and want Sym deleted. Also known as the bronze champions.


Yknow it’s fine because pretty much none of the notable Sym players actually agree with you, and every single one would tell you the exact same things.

Like really how much does Steveo’s chat vehemently protest that Sym is terrible just for him to constantly reiterate she isn’t and why she isn’t? It’s literally every single day.

The same Stevo who agrees with me 100% re: teleporter buffs?

Also whoopdeedoo, people can do good things on bad characters.

He was top500 with Sym 1.0 was she perfect?

Obv the player who gets to that rank will think she’s fine. It means nothing. I love him, but he’s got that aspect wrong.


I’ve never been against TP buffs either. I wouldn’t turn them down, I just know that it would end up putting her into overtunedunfuntoplayagainst territory and she’d end up getting nerfed as a result.

He also wants it to be instant which is unrealistic.

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At the time actually I don’t think she was as bad as people considered her to be, and was even meta before her reduction of photon shields to 25 shields. She wouldn’t survive now though.

I think tp is fine, it’s just annoying how they fix her bugs where she can tp to unintended locations, but can’t fix the bugs where she can’t tp to intended locations.

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