Where's the Sym buffs (They did it!)

After the rework, before that she was basically a throw pick that only had shield generator has a useful ability.

I honestly don’t understand how people don’t see how good tp is, how much damage you can do as sym, how much you can frustrate enemies with turrets.

No, just no, I’m a Reinheart player who actually understand that sym can have an impact and see how powerful she can be, I also understand that sym is a decent counter to passive rein play and dislike her because of it.

Plus even that is better than the special snowflakes of the sym community that cry whenever sym gets buffed because it isn’t enough.

You can’t even use sym right
You can’t get more pathetic

Well unlike DPS players I actually care about others, hence why I play tank. I do dislike things about this game and I like to discuss these issues with the community.

Sym main just cry and whine when their character is changed because it “doesn’t feel like sym” anymore. Oh no I can’t lock onto people and now have to aim the world is collapsing as we speak.

I get it that you’re really bad and blame sym for that but if you learned other heroes you might actually not be a stain on this community.

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I was shocked , when i saw so many heroes buff but except her , She is the one that actually need buffs,dear dev,whats going on???


That is a buff. Its an anti-Goats buff. With a baptiste you will shred the enemy on the first push lol

The worst part: They gave Torb 50 Amor to buff his survivabilty but ignored Sym’s survivabilty.
Just delete Sym if you hate her so much.
I might go to baptiste because I always wished Sym 2.0 would have an ability like his E.


Actually torb mains got exactly what they were asking for. Symm mains on the other hand…


Assuming that the -20% damage on beams vs armor is instead of the current interaction… which it seems to be because otherwise this change won’t do it’s stated goal of making beams vs armor more consistent… this could be a buff depending on the beam’s tick rate.

Let’s look at Symm’s Turrets. They do 50 DPS. With this change, they will do 40 DPS. Under the old system, her turrets would lose that 10 DPS if they have 3 and 1/3 ticks per second. I don’t know what their tick rate is exactly but I sincerely doubt that it was less than 4 ticks per second. As their ticks per second get higher, their damage goes way down incredibly quickly, maxing out at -50% damage at 8.333 ticks per second.

If they do go down that low… +15 DPS on each turret vs armor is a fairly substantial buff.

And then they gave soilder a damage buff after probably one thread. But thousands of “please fix symmetra primary” threads were ignored. It’s unbelievable


im not the “hurr durr im a rein main listen to me” guy who thinks he even has the right to talk on roles he doesnt even play.
you havent touched symmetra ever yet as the loud and annoying rein main who lectures his team on chat of course you talk on subjects where your opinion isnt even valid

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Idk how to break this too you but she doesn’t need a direct buff. Her teleporter should last longer. Perhaps her ult should give 50 shields to the entire team for its duration. But nothing major.

They actually changed beam weapons working against armor huh?
Actually, what was her tickrate before the change? 4/sec? If so, then that’s a… nerf isn’t it? Someone show me your math skills.

we need tp QoL changes more than anything tbh…


LMAO ive literally never said 2.0 or lock ons should be back.
yet of course, your brain cant really process any other scenario apparently.
go get rank boosted by your ana, tank incel


They actually nerfed her. I’m done…

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Sym can be OP. Doom is easily the worst, by far and I despise Doom.

Didn’t know you needed to reply twice, did I hurt your fragile ego. Not a surprise really, most sym mains are the same and 90% of the forum sym mains are cry until I get what I want style people.

I never said a lot of things that you assumed, I thought I would assume a lot about you too and I am guessing I hit the jackpot.

Yikes, that’s definitely a hard stuck silver sym main who says it their team’s fault while also insta locking sym.

Did you buy a Smurf because you “don’t belong in my rank”. How about you learn another hero, you might lean something for once.

As apposed to the “hurr durr, I’m a sym main who can’t play the game and blames other for it”

I don’t know about you but I think I would rather the rein player on my team and I think I speak for 99% of the community when I say that.

Nope. Beam damage against armour.

Symmetra’s beam does roughly the same damage to armor at low charge, but less damage at high charge.

Sym is my main . I’m appalled she was not just ignored but nerfed. The responses in this thread are hilarious however at poking fun at her being if ignored lmao


I can’t stop laughing I don’t even know why

Ravenclaw: Give us 50 extra points :sob:


Dumbledore: 50 extra points to Hufflepuff!


Sym is clearly in Ravenclaw.