Where's the Sym buffs (They did it!)

No no no it’s just that 99.999% of us play her wrong. It’s just that 8 months after a rework we still somehow haven’t learned her. It’s just that we all want reverts to 2.0 and miss our autolock ez mode beam. Only ferret, Raihan and Stevo know how to play Sym properly and nobody else has learned yet. Only them. ONLY ferret isn’t too lazy to learn maps apparently.

Has anyone been this delusional idk


Most issues people have with the TP are the bugs, which again, can usually be worked around. I tend not to forget where it destroys itself and just don’t place it in that exact spot. Like, the solutions are that simple.

Not when you’re inside a grav you’re supposed to get out via tp. :’)

“Just don’t get graved on top of slopes 4head”

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Well, it’s not very often you come across 1000+ hour Sym mains. You should probably at least consider the opinions.

I gotta say, for someone who spends their time on the forums lecturing other Sym mains on how they’re playing her wrong and how you’re so right…

What are your credentials? What’s your competitive rank?

Also, armor-beam damage changes buff her sentry damage!

Me: Escapes most gravs

My team: dies

If the Sym escapes, everyone should.

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I’ve already been through that several times, sift through my posts if you’d like. I’m pretty sure I’ve even told you explicitly as well. High enough to make people baby rage about smurfs when I bought this account.

I am not clear on how the math works on that, can you elaborate?

Long to explain (and I am going to bed…)

The beam damage changes are affected by the tic rate of the beam.

If a beam has numerous damage ticks per second it means that it deals damage that number of times by second (despite looking a continous effect).

Winston and Moira weapon has bigger tick rates (numerous low damage imputs by second) than Zarya and Symmetra weapons.
Thus, armor halved winston and Noria damage always.

Because of this, symmetra beam damage was more affected at low charge level (damage halved before) than at level 3 (-3 damage per tick). Now, 20% less dsmage is better than 50% at level 1.

Sifted, found nothing. Not going to dig any more. You assert you’re in some sort of position to teach everyone how to play Sym, so back it up with an SR.


Hammond as well! Like wth…

That actually makes sense I think - in short the reduction effect is more impacting on heavily on fewer ticks such as the primary and less impacting on faster ticks…

I didn’t mean in this thread specifically but whatever.

When I played on console, I also had multiple accounts (since it’s waaaaay easier there and smurfing is much more prevalent). I played a flex account that primarily had me on Mercy that I didn’t play much of and was in gold. I had a Sombra one trick account that almost got to diamond that I stopped playing from some personal things in my life that happened, but namely the few Sym accounts that kept dipping into GM.

I got a PC that could run OW eventually, was an idiot and got used to m+kB while using a 20 sens on Sym since I didn’t have to aim (was a mistake in the long run), but eventually I ended up with the same results, though diamond+ is much more difficult on PC comparatively to console and was a struggle.

When the rework happened and I had to slowly dial back my sens a lot (and occasionally switch to Moira, and even she was slightly difficult to track with at such high sensitivities), I couldn’t hit GM as reliably, but it also stopped mattering because at that point I’d been banned a few times, with one being justified, but all others bc massreportsymlol. I had bought this account to do exactly what I was already doing, but now I just play Deathmatch because I can’t get banned for no reason if I don’t have teammates that report me, and it’s actually much more fun to me than the base game. Unfortunately, people still be toxic tho. I even get reported for playing her in FFA. The OW community is insane.

So… You don’t play her in ranked… Like, it’s worst then it’s ever been for her. Yeah quickplay you can own, but ranked? Diff story. It all makes sense now.

Did you not read everything else lol. The only thing I’ve not experienced in comp at this point would be Ashe, and soon to be Baptiste.

Straight up sym will never become popular because of her incredible negative stigma. Sym mains, from my experience, all my friend’s experience, from videos I’ve seen online, and other forum posters are typically non-cooperative, arrogant, and inflammatory.

Sym is an incredibly static character with abilities that don’t move and are easy to destroy. Try balancing that in a game of high speed and quick reaction times.

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Literally every hero has these people, If you think Symmetra mains have more of them you are mistaken.

Here you have your sym buffs

Lets be real, she plays like zaria but without the armor and shields.

Ive been requesting either give her a little more damage or more health… we know how bugged it is to place a teleporter with bridges and angles., Why cant the teleporter just land on top of a railng,.why should it keep blinking up and down endlessly? while you waste time while trying to evade for you life while finding the correct placement…
Until her teleporter is perfected, she needs a little more health and damage to mitigate her buggy “Evasive” buff