Wheres the patch at

Wasn’t the Mercy / Moira patch the (first and) last update to the second beta before closing beta servers (in a few days) ?

The devs said they had partial reverts for Symmetra there were trying to push this beta.

I’m still waiting smh.

Hmm I see. Don’t get your hopes up guys, it’s probably going to be something rushed that will most likely not fix Symmetra. I mean they’ve been trying for years now with no success. Why would it be different now ?

No you don’t.

Riot buffs things for no reason then guts them to be 20x worse than they were before they buffed them shortly after.

Hiya folks,

The patch will be coming later tonight, so as not to interfere with today’s Contender’s tournaments


Andy with the bombshell! Cant wait to see it!

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Ah so I was right .

Hopefully the team is working on tech that makes it so that tournaments like this can play on their own versions so as not to interrupt the flow of the live game

Kind of rough to do this on such a limited beta timeframe

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Thx for the update, praying for Doomfist


PLEASE tell me sojourn and zen nerfs are there, specifically towards discord


I’m so curious what will get changed

will this include more moira changes?

My bet:

  • Zen nerfs
  • Sojurn nerfs
  • Sym buffs
  • Doom buff
  • Moira adjustments

Thank you for the confirmation I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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I wonder if Soldier will get +10% back to sprint (not sure if that was given back or if they’re keeping it 40%)

it was given back, sombra got her speed nerf reverted too

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Second support passive: + 5% move speed.

Second damage passive: 25% immunity to status effects.


Oh nice, I thought it was just Genji and Tracer

a poster a while ago said the patch notes were already included with the moira and mercy changes but got withheld for some reason…

i think they said those were

  • a nerf to commanding shout for junker queen
  • zen nerfed to 200 hp
  • symmetra getting buffs from a blog while back… reverts of some of her nerfs for her new secondary throwing ball effect?