Where is the promised PVP focus?

So developers said that because PVE is not developed anymore they will have all their focus on PVP from now on. I thought that they will finally start more agile feature/balance tests with experimental mode, adding more feedback tools in the game, showing a clear roadmap where the game is heading. Instead, game is in its worst state since “release” and it seems OW2 was made not only to add a worst monetization than in OW1 but also to care even less about feedback because the game is free.

When Lead Hero Designer writes

Looking closer at Season 6 and the current metagame, we’ve seen Bastion, Orisa, and Torbjorn rise in popularity

one gets a strong feeling that Overwatch developers are playing their game as much as Diablo 4 developers are playing their game as one just needs to try to get a rank up to see that there is a problem with the game (unless one has no clue what game is about, which reminds of one very informative video). But developers just can’t deny others the pleasure of tasting this meta so once again is needed to wait next season for “fixes”, so much for “focusing more on PVP” promise from this small indie developer.

They stopped working on PVE at launch.

This IS the PVP focus.

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