Where is the old forums?

i need to look up a topic from scott developer…

thank you

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I could have sworn they took them down for good.

I think you just Google up “Overwatch forums” and it gives you the old forums

Unless they took them out

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I’m pretty sure that only directs you to these forums.

well i cannot find it… so there is no way to read old devs posts??


They took them down. It links you back to this one when you click on old links.


I didn’t know the forums website so it gave me the old ones and then say “the forums have been moved to {current link}”
So I think it’s a possibility

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Try to use Wayback machine

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Hmmm…maybe it would indeed be possible for someone smarter than me.

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That won’t work. Not really. I’ve tried.



You could try asking WyomingMyst… Don’t have high hopes though

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Hey, I was actually right! :wink:

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Which post are you needing to look up, I can dig up the response for you. Note that I am still working on building my database of all old dev responses onto a website of my own creation, but I am only about halfway done (I have been on a bit of a small hiatus lately). I don’t have things like Reporting/Account Actions, Hero Balance, or Map Balance responses built yet. But for things mostly related to Scott Mercer’s role as Competitive Principal Designer, I do have them up and running. See the list of all developer responses here:

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They got rid of it.