Where is the communication?

Wow impatient much?.

Buy the game. We will tell you about the stuff we maybe might add later. Maybe.

I mean…that’s not their job sorry….

They released a beta…they showed everyone ahead of time what it was and what was in it…they said their would be multiple…

People treating it as though it’s somehow the final product is not on them

How about people actually managing their own expectations….or at least setting realistic ones….


Definitely. It’s been getting really hard to be patient with Blizzard lately. 2 PM EST tues/thurs → nothing → somebody’s angry

which is a rough notion that is honestly unfair to them.

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They have just given us a good blog actually.

And how do we do this with a lack of information to inform those expectations.

Where’s the communication? Right here.

It’s only been like a week, I’d imagine that they will give us more information after the beta

If you don’t think there’s enough info then your expectations should reflect that

Most people are setting them either way too high or in a completely unrealistic place

Unfortunate timing. Get ready to be linked the same blog post 36 more times by those who didn’t read the thread.


Yep I just edited the post at the top. Im so happy. they stuck to their commitment

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““We believe 5v5 is a significant adjustment for players, and we have been happy to hear consistent and positive feedback about players having more fun, feeling a greater sense of impact in their matches””
I dont agree but they will do what they want so


Communication doesn’t really matter to them.

And if they do communicate, it’s mostly vague PR answers.

bit late, but could you change the title, considering they did communicate with us

Your post seems really nonsensical when you factor in that you posted it after the aforementioned communication already happened.

There were overall good feedback so far from pros, cc and community members. They not only looking at the forums. So this take is valid so far. They still read and hear the feedback and try their best to make 5v5 the best experience for everyone.

If they only read the forums they’d never be motivated a day at work.

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Nonsensical sums up their developer update.

Lots of vague statements, with some questionable conclusions. Not much details.

And most of the writing and details spent on their new stupid scoreboard.

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Oh you are one of those people.

If they knew the exact changes to make, then they would be making them in the update for later this week. You asked for communication about the process and seem unsatisfied when you get exactly that.

So from that I get that you want them both to communicate and to have the answers immediately to how to fix problems. That is as said before nonsensical, irrational, and wholly unrealistic.

Just think about this from a timeline to see how silly it sounds. The beta went live 1 week ago with most access coming exactly 6 days ago. So if we assume they gathered feedback on Thursday and Friday then you somehow expected them to come in on Monday and immediately be able to come up with specific solutions, implement them, test them, and have them ready enough to talk about in a day to day and a half of work.

Specifics on a scoreboard are easy to talk about because you just decide to do it and minimal testing is required really before letting people see it and even then it won’t change the approach.

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I’m amazed at how often some people make mountains out of mole hills.

That OP just shouts: “I am difficult”

Imagine a criticism post that’s actually almost immediately answered. Feels good man