Where is Rialto?

Have not seen this map all season How

There’s a seasonal map rotation now.

No wonder ive been getting anubis like 5 games in a row

This is so dumb just use them all. Next season gonna be numbani paris and moon all the time 3 worst maps


i miss junkertown, instead i get kingsrow all the time. the most boring map.

Rialto and junkertown are my best maps besides havana

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Learn to read patch notes

Italy it’s based on Venice.

https: / / www.google.nl / maps / place / Rialto,+30100+Veneti%C3%AB,+Itali%C3%AB/@45.4382974,12.3258483,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x477eb1db174d4789:0x1f2ccd388c75b2f0!8m2!3d45.4382832!4d12.3346031

I wonder who makes these decisions, no wonder none of my friends want to play this game. I’m going to be the next.

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