Where is my Contenders Brigitte skin?

I thought it was just me


Same here… have watched every match shown so far. Don’t get me wrong it’s fun, but gief da skin :grin:

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I just checked and I have both skins.

same… watched every stream and still didn’t receive Brig’s one. I even tried watching on phone and from another browser, cleared cookies and watched again more than 10 hours and nothing worked…

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OWL rewards were always consistent on Twitch but I only get like 60-70% of what I should on the website. Don’t know if they’ll ever fix it honestly.

Hey everyone, right now my recommendation is to keep watching Overwatch Contenders broadcasts that remain throughout the month. I am afraid some of the most recent ones, such as the Overwatch Collegiate Finals, weren’t counting hours accurately. Remember there are still dozens of hours to go in these final ten days.

As always I am tracking reports in this thread:

The next Contenders broadcast begin in less than two hours from the time of my post.

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Collegiate doesn’t count hours though o.O

The last two weekends were suppose to…

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I confirm that the same is happening to me. Been definitely watching way over 15 hours and still no Brig skin.


Same here I got the echo skin sometime near the seventh of this month and i have been trying since to get the brig

Same for me, I’ve been trying since near the beginning of the month after I got my Echo skin and nothing

I mean I have both the Contenders stream open and the YouTube one, still nothing. I mean, I really hope that this counts towards something because every time I log in to Overwatch and not seeing that skin count increase, is a let down.


Still think the issue is we are not watching enough? There is obviously a bug where people didn’t get the Echo skin and got the brig. Why can’t it be the other way as well?

I think there were bugs with previous broadcasts not tracking hours, so the short term work around is to keep watching.

Just a quick question: is there any way to perhaps receive these skins after the month is over? Let’s say that I have watched a total of 15+ hours but the skins were not received. Is there any way these skins can be given to us after the month is over through troubleshooting or once the 1st of May will the door be closed?

If you watched the hours you should be ok…I’ve gotten stuff delayed before

Though in case you didn’t know they extended some of this month into the first week of May

Also I got my second skin today which is exactly when I expected it…So the last week or so I know for a fact that Its been working properly because that’s when I started watching


I’m also still missing my Brigitte Skin. I know I have watched enough, and haven’t had issues before.

I have both watched overwatchleague.com and youtube to be sure that I got the hours.

Also tried to only watch on overwatchleague testing that the “dot” were present which should indicate that the hours count.

The end of the month and still didn’t receive Brig skin… I watched every stream and even tried to watch it on different devices/browsers, checked green dot under stream/ relogged on contenders website and that didn’t help…
should I try to report it to tech support? Or it will be fixed in future to all players?

still nothing. or bap for that matter.

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I still didn’t get the Brig skin despite watching probably a hundred hours in April. Should I contact support at this point?