Where is Bulgarian Flag?

Why not have the Bulgarian flag when choosing an avatar?

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Ikr, we should have one.

I think Jeff or someone else from Blizz said it a while ago that some flags are not in game yet because of legal reasons. Basically some countries have different laws about using their flags and whatnot.

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Romania is in there but Bulgaria not ?!

The reason is not anything about legal. The flag came in with some sport events. Countries that had not participated havew no flags.

…imma ignore that reasong justlike how you ignored the reason already given

come on Blizzard, it’s one png…

New Country Flags: process of decisition? - #4 by JeffreyKaplan

do you want to handle the potential lawsuit or whatever?

I’m curious because most of the games have option to add what do you want for your avatar… (for example steam platform…)

Interesting. The flags beofre though came all with the sport events. Seems they want to add more without such event.s

There is a reason why this isn’t the case here.

  • Troll avatars.

Plus, as stated, legal issues. Why would Blizzard want to get themselves into trouble?

Wasn’t it because the first Summer Games event was Olympics themed? I assume they don’t wanna wait another 4 years to add more flags, which is cool.

Na, soccer wm also added flags. Winter games too. And i think euro socer too?

So if i understand right, the problem with flag is aspect ratio presentation for commercial use ?