Where do the free skins show up from the OWL Finals?

So I have watched enough of the finals to earn about 100 owl tokens yet I can’t seem to find where the free skins show up.

you cant buy the gray OWL skins with league tokens, irl money, or credits. you have to watch a lot of hours to get them however i don’t know how many

if you did watch enough hours then go to the hero selection and search for the skin

We are in the Playoffs, NOT the Grand Finals. You have to wait until September 25th for the token bonus.

Any skins earned will appear directly in the hero gallery and will be labeled Overwatch League Gray and Overwatch League White for each hero earned. Right now we can only go after these skins during the Playoff Matches.

  • 3 hours: Reinhardt, Soldier: 76, Torbjörn
  • 6 hours: Junkrat, Roadhog, Sombra, plus the three skins listed above
  • 9 hours: Doomfist, Hanzo, McCree, plus the six skins listed above

If you are still missing the skins, you may have problems to check for on your end. I have a troubleshooting guide available here:

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Yes I was talking about the playoff skins, I have watched some where around 10 hours and received the tokens for doing so. But I can’t seem to see where those skins would show up. Are they just under the owl team skins or special event skins?

They will be Epic class (purple) skins and will be sorted in alphabetical order with all other OWL skins that you may own.

Ah I see there is a bug of sorts. If I filter them by epic Owl skins they show up and I can equip them. If I filter it to Epic OWL skins I own however I get nothing.

Can you turn on the filter to Bonus and Epic and see what you get? I just want to see if the filter ID is different from that of the visually displayed collector icon.

Did you mean special? Cause that doesn’t show any the OWL skins. Only thing that works is OWL skins and Epic. If I click Owned I get nothing. IF I click Unowned I get shown all the ones I don’t own but not the ones from this event.

Seems like they are lacking the filter to be marked as either “Owned” or “Unowned”

Fun fact there’s 2 OWL things one for contenders and one for actual OWL idk if you were using the right one but I personally made the mistake the first time lol

nah I tried both. These are under OWL skins I believe it was. The Overwatch League skins is mostly the team stuff.