Where can I find the Overwatch Comics

I sometimes see reference to these in YouTube videos. Where can they be sourced? I’d love to read them in chronological order.


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They can be found here : Overwatch 2 - Media

Chronological order isn’t a thing tho, they are listed when they were released (with the newer on top)

The stories that are meant to be read in order are Old Soldiers > Bastet > Valkyrie

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and for more info about heroes (or rather, on the “old” biographical info that have simplified in an extreme way on the official page), I recommend you wayback machine on the following link:


But for a very large orderly sequence of events, the Hammeh youtube is perfect, it gets around you in detail on everything that has happened since the debut of OW in 2016 to today with ALL the pieces of lore scattered online over the years, including comics, tweets info, articles and short films.

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