Where are todays patch notes?

You dont need balance in matchmaking, you dont need bug fixes. you need only new olymp skins and sh1tty event!

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They put up a patch for a competitive multiplayer game without patch notes.

There is no patience involved. They have ALREADY failed. 100% failed at the most basic of tasks.

You can’t play a competive game when you don’t know what has changed.


well thats to bad isn’t it i swear after overwatch 2 came out pepole have kinda turned into cry babies

cant call the event sh1tty when you havent even played it yet

You guys are so impatient, omg.

It’s out not even a half an hour ago.

Apex gets their patch notes either a week in advance or simultaneously :skull:

30 minutes late already for a competitive game is a joke


Check the shop. you might need to buy patchnotes now.


Some people just want to complain as soon as possible.

They should be announcing changes BEFORE they are implemented.

Not 30+ minutes after while putting out a tweet to discuss that it’s light.

It’s not that hard. It’s the bare minimum and they can’t even do that consistently.

People don’t want to touch comp without knowing what changes are in place.


“I want my notes instantly, I’m losing precious minutes playing comp”.

The devs aren’t buying you a gun charm

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its doesnt matter how good their event is, while i have to lose 20 games in row in unfair comp where you just got rolled with 0 chance, but after i lose these 20 games in row now i can just not even try to play and still win games. thx god they launch this event.

You don’t think we should know what the patch is before we play it ? Why is a patch live with no info ? lol I feel like this isn’t a tall ask


The notes should come out BEFORE the patch.


They are now live. Mostly buffs

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Don’t wait bro, these “patch notes” are unworthy.

Ok, they are finally up. At least on playoverwatch.com.

JQ changes look intereating. I was hoping they’d take her in this direction, anyway.

Curious if the Mercy v Ravenous Vortex change means she gets stuck easier, or if she escapes every time now? Unclear.

Not a lot here, honestly. Very light.

Curious what the Hog patch brings in a couple weeks.

Patch notes are up: Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes – January 5, 2022

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  • The 2023 season of Competitive Capture the Flag begins on January 10 and can be found in the Competitive Play menu
  • The Competitive Play loading screen has been updated

i see, nothing changed, gj blizzard.

She gets stuck easier. (I’m assuming)

I haven’t seen it yet but I’m hoping it means it fully pulls you down now. Before: if you GA over a Ramattra vortex as mercy, she just gets tugged lower but still flys completely past the vortex and makes it to her destination before she ever touched the ground.

I’m curious to see if that’s what they fixed based on the wording.